Arete 10.3.19

Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Russia watching closely after Turkish move on Syria safety zone: Kremlin, Reuters
North Korean Missile Delivers a Message: There’s Little Japan Can Do, NY Times
Brazil set to finalise MTC-300 cruise missile development, Janes 360
Researchers chronicle evolution of Russian wargaming, Janes 360
The Military Might Showed Off at China’s 70th Anniversary Parade, Real Clear Defense
Say Goodbye to the Hated Army UCP Uniform,
The U.S. Navy Isn’t Ready to Take On Iran, Foreign Policy
Air Force Arms B1-B With Hypersonic Weapons, War Maven
Taliban, U.S. negotiator both in Islamabad for talks with Pakistan, Reuters
Peru thrown into constitutional crisis amid power struggle, Al Jazerra
New Drones, Weapons Get Spotlight in China’s Military Parade, Defense One
Japan’s Getting Its First Aircraft Carriers In 75 Years, But U.S. Marines Will Fly From Them First, Foxtrot Alpha
Surprise: Most Americans Think We Shouldn’t Be Selling Weapons To Anyone, Foxtrot Alpha
Shabaab strikes American, Italian forces in Somalia, Long War Journal
Active duty suicides are on the rise, as the Pentagon works on new messaging and strategy, Marine Corps Times
Afghan forces still at the mercy of US air support despite huge investment into Afghan air force, Marine Corps times
How America got Dragged into the Saudi-Iranian Proxy Game, Modern War Institute
What Are the Implications of Deepening Security Cooperation in Asia?, Rand Corp
Officer Specialization in the United States Army: The Solution to the Junior Officer Brain Drain and Generals Who Over-Generalize is One and the Same, Small Wars Journal
One special ops deployment resulted in 21 Purple Hearts, 7 Bronze Stars, and 5 Silver Stars for combat heroism, Task & Purpose
CIA Releases Post-9/11 Images of Operation Jawbreaker on Twitter, Tactical Life


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Sweden grapples with fatal police shooting of man with Down’s syndrome, The Guardian
Less Fuel, More People: Most California Wildfires in Wildland-Urban Interface Areas, Homeland Security Newswire
NYC Bans Calling Someone an “Illegal Alien” out of Hate, Homeland Security Newswire
FBI: More people killed with knives, hammers, clubs and even feet than rifles in 2018, LE Today
 10/1/1964 Boston’s Trumbull Street fire killed five firefighters and injured twelve when part of a vacant four-story ab…, Firefighter Close Calls
Fire truck design: Is black the new chrome?, Fire Rescue 1
Officer suspended after cooperating with ICE to take criminal off the streets, LE Today
Legal Experts: Guilty Verdict in Former Officer’s Murder Trial Signals Major Shift in How Juries View Police,
Fla. city commissioner berates cop during public ceremony in cop’s honor, Police One
Border patrol officer wins 10th consecutive NRA championship award, Police One
Autopsy shows CAL FIRE firefighter died of heat exposure, Wildfire Today
NIOSH is studying the health effects of fighting wildfires, Wildfire Today
Video of extreme firefighting at the 2018 Ranch Fire, Wildfire Today



PCT VS. AT: Which Hike Is For You?, Globosurf
How Much Food Should I Pack? (How to save weight on backpacking food based on the energy-mile theory), Backpacking Light
Winnebago Just Made the Perfect Affordable Camper Van, Gear Patrol
Alpinism’s Greatest Feat? Nims Purja Is on the Brink, Gearjunkie
Struggling With the Mundane After a Major Adventure Ends, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 9/26/19, AAI
Skintrack Sketches: Artist and designer Joseph Toney takes an abstract view of the skintrack, Backcountry Magazine
An Ultralight Backpacker Learns the Real Value of Weight, Adventure Journal
Our 5 Favorite Fall Gear Deals Right Now, Backpacker Magazine
Are State Lands Really Public?, Outdoor Life
The Climbers Who Survived a Week Stuck on Mount Rainier, Outside
Tested: Bear Sprays, Backpacker Magazine
‘Cast and Carve’: Short Film Blends Fly Fishing and Snowboarding, Gearjunkie
60 Hours in Mexico, a ski adventure to the third-highest mountain in North America, Freeskier
The Climbers Who Survived a Week Stuck on Mount Rainier, Outside
The Roar of ATVs May Soon Echo Through Utah’s National Park Canyons, Adventure Journal
Do You Train for Your Adventures?, Adventure Journal


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Corps Strength – When Standards get lowered, Performance is sure to follow, Soldier Systems
How to Make Incredibly Decadent Energy Bars, Adventure Journal
5 Ways That CrossFit May Never Get Fixed, Breaking Muscle
Arousal Management: The Science Behind Getting Mad at the Bar, Breaking Muscle
How Jessica Fithen Trains to Be the Strongest Woman in the World, Muscle & Fitness
For young athletes, sport specialization means increased risk of injury, Science Daily
Characterization of the Physical Fitness of Police Officers: A Systematic Review, JSCR
8 Life Lessons From a Primal Elder to Younger Groks, Mark’s Daily Apple
Thor Björnsson Talks Training, Farmer’s Walks, and Setting Records, Muscle & Fitness
The Safest Seafood Options on the Market, Muscle & Fitness



Russian man accuses Apple of making him homosexual, Pravda Report
Are China and the West Headed for a Cold War in the Skies?, Foreign Policy
WeWork shows why some venture capitalists are in a world of make-believe, The Economist
Hurricane Recovery in the Bahamas: Turning Good Intentions into Good Decisions, Rand Blog
Bollinger Is Making a Better 4×4 That’s Electric, Too, Outside
Hey, Whatever Happened to Windsurfing?, Adventure Journal

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