Arete 10.29.20

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

The Headwinds Looming for the U.S. Army, War on the Rocks
US approves arms sales to Taiwan worth 1 billion dollars, War is Boring
Lockheed F-35 Full-Production Decision Delayed as Key Test Slips, RealClearDefense
Are troops really leaving Germany? It’s not totally clear. Military Times
Military to Play Logistics-Only Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Effort,
Electromagnetic spectrum management moves to Headquarters Air Force, Defense News
Army-Navy Game to be held at West Point for first time since World War II, Navy Times
What Role Should Allies and Partners Play in U.S. Military Strategy and Operations? RAND Research
Senators ask for pause on Army’s new fitness test, call it ‘premature’, Army Times


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

Senators call for creation of wildland firefighter job series and an increase in firefighters’ pay, Wildfire Today
‘In an instant’ decision-making: Ensure your snap decisions are sound, FireRescue1 Daily News
On-Demand Webinar: Evidence-based, early warning and intervention solutions for public safety, Police 1 Daily News
IACP 2020: The Lost Police Products Exhibition, POLICE Magazine
Cops need to engage in tactical napping, Police1 Daily News



The Climbers Speaking Up About Eating Disorders, Outside Magazine
James Pearson Climbs Tribe, Potentially the Hardest Trad Route in The World, Gear Institute
Las Vegas is an Underground Outdoor Mecca, The Outbound Collective
Realistic Self-Rescue: Three Must-Have Multi-Pitch Skills Using Things You Actually Carry, Climbing Magazine
Building Stoke for a Winter Unlike Any Other, Outside Magazine
Olympic Dreams: Benjamin Alexander Trains for Speed in the Backcountry, Backcountry Magazine
The Hike that Humbled Me, The Outbound Collective


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Heavy Suitcase Deadlifts Build Anti-Rotational Control and Strength, Breaking Muscle
Biking to Work: 8 Pieces of Gear You Need for a Successful Trip, Osprey Packs
Why Don’t Runners’ Knees Fail More Often? Outside Magazine
The Benefits of Barefoot Lifting: How and Why, Mark’s Daily Apple
What About the Trans Fat in Animal Fat? NutritionFacts
Short-Term Plyometric Jump Training Improves Repeated-Sprint Ability in Prepuberal Male Soccer Players, Journal of Strength ad Conditioning Research
Hard physical work may significantly increase the risk of dementia, Science Daily



This Addiction Treatment Works. Why Is It So Underused? NYT
Fauci: Masks, Social Distancing Likely Until 2022, WebMD
Opinion: Why isn’t routine Covid-19 testing happening in prisons and immigrant detention centers? STAT



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