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Russia continues to use Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drones to strike Ukraine, World Defense News
Greece takes delivery of first six German-made Marder 1A3 tracked armored IFVs, World Defense News
Rheinmetall in collaboration with US companies proposes its Lynx IFV to replace US Army Bradley IFVs, World Defense News
The Civilian and the State: Politics at the Heart of Civil-Military Relations, WotR
Cash over country: Former British military pilots are training Chinese military, War is Boring
What Will Be Ukraine’s Pre-Winter Gains?, WotR
“All targeted objects have been hit: “Russia says it has attacked more Ukrainian energy infrastructure, War is Boring
Navy Tests Reloading Missiles on Destroyer in San Diego Bay, Open Ocean Tests Tougher Task, USNI News
Afghan Couple Accuse US Marine of Abducting Their Baby, The Diplomat
China and Taiwan: The Geopolitical Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight, The Diplomat
The war in Ukraine is draining Western munition stockpiles, Task & Purpose
Air Force to award 96 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 12 Bronze Stars for heroic Afghan airlift, Task & Purpose
Air Force colonel in South Korea fired after just four months in command, Task & Purpose
The Army needs to get better at recruiting PSYOP soldiers, general says, Task & Purpose
Loitering Munitions in the Future of Chinese Warfare, The Diplomat
Russian Attacks on Ukrainian Utility Infrastructure: Water and Power, Small Wars Journal
The Renaming of Military Bases – What is Past is Not Prologue , Small Wars Journal
Bulgarian NATO Battlegroup, Second Line of Defense
Russian forces thwart Ukraine’s offensive in Kherson region, Pravda Report
‘We Heard It, We Saw It, Then We Opened Fire’, NY Times
Ukraine’s Busiest Tank Brigade Is Fighting On Two Fronts, Forbes
Why the Pentagon’s Crush on Elon Musk Is Dangerous to Democracy, Defense One
US must prepare now for China invasion of Taiwan: admiral, Defense Talk News
Putin Has a New Plan to Terrorize Ukraine: Make Them Freeze, 1945
Chinese Economy Has a Fatal Flaw: Real Estate, 1945
New Russian Troops Drafted to Fight Ukriane Get As Little As 10 Days of Training, 1945
Ukraine: Watch Mi-24 Helicopters Fly Terrifyingly Low to the Ground, 1945
V-22 Osprey: The U.S. Military’s Biggest Mistake?, 1945
A Russian Su-27 Fighter Came Close to Shooting Down a British Spy Plane, 1945
Why Putin’s Nuclear Gambit Is a Huge Mistake, RAND
Beware the Explosive Vessels, RAND
ROTC cadets from Fox Valley Battalion at UWO earn second in Army Ranger Challenge competition, UW Oshkosh Today
Retired Military Officials Are Finding High-Paying Jobs With the Saudi Government and Can Make up up to 7-Figure Salaries Working for Other Foreign Governments,
Less Screaming, More Weightlifting: The Army Is Reinventing Basic Training for Gen Z,
Army Guard and Reserve Grapple with the Time Suck of Mandatory Online Training,
These were the brutal tactics used by armies engaged in total war, We Are The Mighty
Retired U.S. brass cash in with Saudis, other repressive governments, Washington Post

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Building An Open-Source Intelligence Buyer’s Club, WotR
What Are the Costs of Going to War?, Real Clear Defense
Violence Committed Abroad in Our Name, WotR
The Next Mediterranean Front Line, WotR
The US-China “Thucydides Trap” and India, The Geopolitics
The Small Shouldn’t Tumble With the Great, The Geopolitics
The Case for South Korea to Go Nuclear, The Geopolitics
China Speeds up Its ‘Look West’ Strategy, The Diplomat
Air Force B-1B bombers just rolled up in Guam in a message to US adversaries, Task & Purpose
Shaping a Way Ahead for Australian Defence: It is Not Just About ADF Modernization, Second Line of Defense
AbramsX: AI-Enabled, Fuel-Efficient, Unmanned Turret & “Silent” Attack, Real Clear Defense
The Political Geography of the South China Sea Disputes, RAND
How Germany Became Russia’s Chief Enabler, Real Clear Defense
Xi’s CCP Congress Speech Indicates a Major Push Towards Military Intelligentisation, Real Clear Defense
China: Xi, the Party, and the Endless Struggle, Real Clear Defense
Moscow’s smart move will cause US hegemony to fall apart, Pravda Report
Have we already forgotten the CIA rape of Russia during the 1990s?, Pravda Report
Putin meets mobilised Russians at range ground and fires sniper rifle, Pravda Report
Mountain Drones: Kyrgyzstan’s Bayraktar TB2s, Oryx
Why Iran is helping Russia against Ukraine, Morning Defense
Wife of CIA officer admits killing 19-year-old outside Royal Air Force Base, Military News
Mother says she doesn’t believe the U.S. Navy’s official cause of death for her son, Military News
Ukraine’s famous ‘Joan of Arc’ sniper marries fellow soldier she met on the front lines, Military News
More on Russian alleged spies expelled from the Netherlands and Belgium,
What the Hell Just Happened to Hu Jintao?, Foreign Policy
Veteran Israeli Diplomat: ‘We Are Only Part of the West When It Suits Us’, Foreign Policy
Xi’s Third Term Is a Gift in Disguise, Foreign Policy
Sensible Talk Aboard a UK Aircraft Carrier. But Does It Come Too Late?, Defense One
The US cannot ignore the new ‘pink tide’ in Latin America, Al Jazerra
Who’s on China’s new Politburo Standing Committee?, Al Jazerra
ON POINT: The Iguala Massacre and Cover-up Expose Mexico’s Deep State Corruption, Strategy Page
LEADERSHIP: Up Or Out Curse Continues, Strategy Page
Few Americans see a third Xi term as a major problem for the U.S.; other concerns about China have grown, Pew Research

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

The Myth of the Nonviolent Drug Offender, City Journal
The New Lawlessness Gripping America, Real Clear Policy
U.S. Border Chief Is Asleep at the Wheel, Real Clear Policy
665 FBI Employees Left after Misconduct Investigations, The Hill
Why the United States Needs a Strategic Partnership with Iran, Real Clear Defense
How the FBI Stumbled in the War on Cybercrime, Defense One
The Intelligence Community Doesn’t Warn About All Attacks Against the U.S. Homeland. Why Not?, RAND
Two Firefighters Hurt, One Seriously, as MO Grass Fire Overtakes Brush Truck, FFN
Fire Truck Collision Kills Lehi (UT) Woman, FFN
6 dead in Wis. apartment fire, FR1
New record set at Firefighter Challenge, FR1
8 Va. firefighters injured in apartment fire, FR1
Fla. sheriff’s detective arrested for putting ‘wrestling’ hold on fellow cop, Police 1
Harm reduction experts, LE officials debunk fentanyl exposure myths, Police 1
Are Florida’s active shooter swatting calls connected to national scheme?, Police 1
Retail, commercial crime ‘totally gotten out of control’: Calif. city mulls options to curb offenses, Police 1
Wife recalls trying to save N.C. officer killed in mass shooting, Police 1
Texas state police fire 1st officer over Uvalde response, Police 1
Forest Service Burn Boss arrested after prescribed fire escapes in Oregon, Wildfire Today
Search & Rescue Teams Struggle As More Americans Head To The Wilderness, Unofficial Networks
Salman Rushdie Can No Longer Use An Eye And A Hand After Onstage Attack, Agent Says, Forbes
More Guns, Same Amount of Crime? Analyzing the Effect of Right-to-Carry Laws on Homicide and Violent Crime, Manhattan Institute
What’s Really Going On With the Crime Rate?, The Atlantic


Mountain / Outside

Apple Watch Ultra Review: Silicon Valley’s Best Smartwatch Dropped, Drowned, and Frozen, GearJunkie
Black Diamond Presents ‘Why We Rise’: Athletes at Dawn Patrol, GearJunkie
Snappy Ghost Whisperer, Origami Backpack, Pocket Flask, and More Emerging Gear, GearJunkie
Influencers Josh & Sarah Bowmar Plead Guilty in Nebraska Poaching Case, GearJunkie
The North Face Takes Alaskan Snowboarding Film ‘Free Rider’ on Tour, GearJunkie
The Spaghetti Tour Speed Attempt: Andy Steindl and Martin Anthamatten Go for Broke, GearJunkie
GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric Technology, Soldier Systems
Mountain Bikes Don’t Need to Be Complicated: 5 Places Where Less is More, Outside
The Best Ice Climbing Gear of 2023, Outside
The Best Snow Safety Gear of 2023, Outside
How Ice Climbers Got Hooked on Showa Fishing Gloves, Outside
Ski Touring Basics: 5 Tips for Better Fitting Boots, BC Ski Touring Blog
The Winners of the 2022 Piolets d’Or: A Patagonian Traverse and a Big Wall in Pakistan, Outside
Two College Wrestlers Versus One Grizzly Bear, Outside
What’s Harder to Hike: Colorado Fourteeners or New England 4,000-Footers? Two Writers Debate., Outside
After a Nearly Fatal Fall, Climber Hazel Findlay Confronts Her Fears on the Rock, Outside
5 Sustainability Buzzwords Worth a Closer Look, Outside
2023 Editors’ Choice: Splitboards, Boots and Bindings, Backcountry Magazine
More Elk Racks Stolen, Eastmans
Running Up a 13,000ft Mountain to Get Ready for Ski Season: How To Ski-Tour EP1, La Sportive
What’s the Most Reliable Predictor of Your Marathon Time?, Outside
How Long Can Humans Hold Their Breath?, Outside
How to Make Your Own Energy Gels, Outside
What’s The True Cost Of Himalayan Climbing?, TGR
​VIDEO: John Collinson Speaks Out About Mental Health During His Injury Recovery, TGR
A River’s Own Name, Patagonia
In Search of Silence, Patagonia
Arches National Park Ended Seasonal Reservations. Massive Crowds Showed Up., Outside
Let’s Talk Underwear for Hiking, REI
3 American Ski Areas Are OPEN For Skiing This Weekend, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Eric Pollard On The Unique Flow of Mt. Hood, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: New Evidence Suggests An Answer To The Mystery Behind The Dyatlov Pass Incident, Unofficial Networks
The Art & Science of Snowmaking Explained, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Ascending The Last Great Unclimbed Mountain in Pakistan (23,100 Feet), Unofficial Networks
Statistically, This Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Skiing, Unofficial Networks
“Mom Is Gonna Sh*t Her Pants”…Father Rescues Son From Tree Well, Unofficial Networks
Has New Mexico ‘Privatized’ Its Elk Herd?, The Meateater
Gunn-ing for Elk, Western Hunter
6 Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations, Wide Open Spaces
The U.S. Is in for Another Super-Dry Winter, Gizmodo

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

How Deadly Is Covid?, Brownstone Inst.
The Mysterious Rise of Food Allergies, Vox
Stop Pretending That Intensive Parenting Doesn’t Work, The Atlantic
Boys Left Behind: Education Gender Gap, Brookings
Marijuana Use Becoming New Normal Among Young Adults, The Hill
The reason experts think we’ll soon be ditching our favorite coffee shops, The Manual
Are you actually middle class? Here are the median household incomes for each state, The Manual
How To Build Muscle Fast, Athean-X
6 Minute Calf Workout, Athlean-X
How to Eat More for Muscle and Strength Gains, Breaking Muscle
How to Do the Weighted Pull-Up — Benefits, Variations, and More, Breaking Muscle
Best Whey Proteins for Packing on Muscle, Shredding Down, Meal Replacement, and More, Breaking Muscle
Why late-night eating leads to weight gain, diabetes, Science Daily
Statistical oversight could explain inconsistencies in nutritional research, Science Daily
The Nutrition process inside Endurance Nation, Endurance Nation
Ultrarunner Tim Tollefson Opens Up About His Struggle with Body Dysmorphia, Outside
The Rise of the Semi-Super Shoe, Outside
The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2023, Outside
What Is Athletic Talent?, Outside
What Is Athletic Talent?, Healthline
Doctor Taste Tests Energy Drinks (and gives Fun Facts), Healthline
Psychotherapy May Help You Find Relief From Chronic Back Pain — Here’s How, Healthline
Understanding the Difference Between Eccentric and Concentric Movement Can Unlock More Gains, Men’s Health
How This Mountaineer Turned Oscar-Winning Director Climbs to Success, Men’s Health
Is Eating After 6pm Really Making You Gain Weight?, Men’s Health
Hospitals Get Richer While Americans Carry the Load, Real Clear Health
Toxic Masculinity Is a Harmful Myth, Real Clear Health
The Covid Data That Are Actually Useful Now, The Atlantic
Pain relief without side effects and addiction, Science Daily
Five hours’ sleep a night linked to higher risk of multiple diseases, Science Daily
Bike Brands and Sponsored Pros in Kona, Slow Twitch
Coffee: Just as Healthy as Vegetables, T-Nation
The Inconvenient Truth About Perfect Form, T-Nation
The Most Proven Sexual Performance Supplement, T-Nation
PEDs and Push-Ups: The Problem with Modern SOF Training,
5 Ways to Know When to Add Cardio or Lifts to Your Training Plan,
Navy Rank Insignia Scare Leads to Sky-High Markups and Scalping,
No Man’s Land, Mahatten Inst.
How Swearing Influences Your Mind, Body, and Relationships, Real Clear Science
How Desk Jobs Alter Your Brain – and Why They’re So Tiring, Real Clear Science
Next-Generation Sunscreen Is on the Way, Real Clear Science
The Blunt Scientific Truth About Trans Women’s Athletic Ability, Real Clear Science
The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high, Washington Post


Is Alaska Poised to Swing Dramatically Toward the Dems, Politico
Choosing America’s Economic Future, Real Clear Books
Gen X Flying Under the Radar. That’ll End if it Goes Full GOP., Washington Post
Has America Reached ‘Peak Woke’?, The Economist
Nuclear Power Is the Answer to Our Energy Woes, The Spectator World
Three Paths to Despotism, Quillette
Ukraine switches TV broadcasts into English, Pravda Report
2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Promises 400 Miles of Range Along with 754 Horsepower, Werd
The 30 Best Cool Tools for Men in 2022, Werd
Reddit says it’s time to cancel Airbnb — and there are some good reasons why, The Manual
Despite Ukraine, these aren’t boom times for American armsmakers, The Economist
More Americans are getting news on TikTok, bucking the trend on other social media sites, Pew Research
About a third of K-12 parents are very or extremely worried a shooting could happen at their children’s school, Pew Research
Can The Warriors Keep Breaking The Rules Of NBA Title Contention?, 538
Even super-tight policy is not bringing down prices, The Economist
Housing markets face a brutal squeeze, 538
Everything We Know About ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2, Forbes
There’s Only a 25 Day Supply of Diesel in the U.S.: Report, Jalopnik
Dozens of papers co-authored by Nobel laureate raise concerns, Nature
ASMR : The phenomenon taking over video content, Popular Mechanics
Mark My Words, Now Is the Time To Start a Business, Real Clear Markets
A Warning for the World Economy: ‘The Worst Is Yet to Come’, NY Times
Gold Prices Are Down 20% Since March. Its Decline Is Curious, CNN
NFL Coaches Are Finally Starting to Heed Science on Punting, Real Clear Science
A history of the horny side of the internet, The Verge
The New Math of Wrinkling Patterns, Wired
Goats and Sheep Are Brawling in the Rockies. Blame Glacial Melt, Wired

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