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Military / National Defense

Why Won’t the US Leave Afghanistan?, Small Wars Journal
Human Rights Law is Harming Britain’s Armed Forces, Small Wars Journal
NATO soldier killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes
The New MRG-G2000R-1A is the One G-Shock to Rule Them All, Gear Patrol
Tiny U.S. Base Assumes Outsize Role in Trump’s Syria Strategy, Washington Post
The Army Stymied Its Own Study of the Iraq War, Wall Street Journal
What Should We Make of Elite American Mercenaries in Yemen?, War on the Rocks
USAF’s Plan to Train 1,500 New Pilots a Year,
Series of Lapses Led to Army Soldier’s Death in Afghanistan, NY Times
VP Pence’s Speech on China Policy, Youtube


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Baltimore puts 230 desk officers on streets as murders mount, Police One
NYPD Shelves Thousands of Body Cameras After One Suddenly Bursts into Flames, Police Magazine
No more fog of war: Predicting patterns of violence within wars and terrorism, Homeland Security Newswire
Competition for Police Recruits Growing, Police
Bill would remove barrier to criminally charging Wash. police, Police One
Some Police Dogs Now Have Cameras, Too, In Homeland Security
Dallas Police Ask City Council for Permission to Acquire, Deploy Drones, Police Mag



7 Secrets for Self-Supported Ultramarathons, Gear Patrol
New York Man Convicted Of Giving A False Statement For Claiming He Was Stranded On Ski Lift Overnight, Unofficial Networks
How to Pack for an Alaskan DIY Float Hunt for Moose, Outdoor Life
So Worth It: Jessica Baker’s Tips For Being Present, Outdoor Research
The 5 Best Camper Trailers for Any Adventure, Gear Patrol
The New Season of ‘Westward’ Is Awesome, Outside
The Most Successful Outdoor Kickstarter Projects of All Time, Gear Patrol
HEAD Skis New Backcountry Backpack Includes Built-In Spine Protector, Unofficial Networks
Patagonia Is Endorsing Political Candidates For The First Time Ever, Unofficial Networks
Opinion: The Free Solo Documentary Addressed Some Uncomfortable Truths, But Ignored Others, Climbing Magazine


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Fitness trackers’ accuracy varies widely for calories burned, Reuters
Is HIIT as Effective as Longer Cardio for Fat Loss?, Muscle & Fitness
5 Mental and Physical Benefits of Strength Training You Might Not Know, Muscle & Fitness
When fathers exercise, children are healthier, even as adults, Science Daily
Should I Try Creatine? This Is What You Need To Know, Men’s Health
Do I Have to Eat Immediately After a Workout to Gain Muscle?, Muscle & Fitness
Dear Mark: Is There No Upper Limit to Endurance Training?, Mark’s Daily Apple
The Most Valuable Training Data Is Surprisingly Simple, Outside
What an Academic’s Downfall Tells Us About Food Science, Outside
This Man Won South Africa A Double Decathlon At The Age Of 49, Men’s Health
4 Mistakes You’re Making That’s Causing You To Gain Weight, Men’s Health



How Likely Is A New American Civil War? Surprising Lessons From Lebanon’s Conflict, Task & Purpose
Heritage Explains 056: Here’s How Much Red Tape Trump Has Cut, Heritage Foundation
Thieves steal a Tesla Model S by hacking the entry fob, Endgadget
Demand for Chocolate Labs Is Making Them Sick and Prone to Early Death, Gizmodo
The Best White Noise Machine, NY Times
How rants on social media can come back to haunt you, Science Daily
The 5G Tsunami Is Coming In 2019, Forbes
Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix In November (2018) And What To Watch, Forbes
Forget Portland and Seattle — people priced out of expensive California cities are buying homes in Idaho for ‘monopoly money’, Business Insider

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