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Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

NATO has a Problem: Belarus is Being Absorbed into Russia, Real Clear Defense
1:3 deployment-to-dwell goal is going to depend on demand from combatant commands, Defense News
The Gathering Cyber Storm, Cipher Brief
As soon as US welcomes Georgia and Ukraine to NATO, Russia burns the bridges, Pravda Report
Japan’s Coming Defense Buildup, Wall Street Journal
General Mark Milley Must Go, Washington Post
UK’s Ranger Regiment – An Opportunity, Real Clear Defense
Graphic series honors Korean War hero who single-handedly stopped a Chinese assault, Air Force Times
Is China quitting the economic race?, AAI
SCUBAPRO Sunday – Salvage Divers of the USS Cole, the Untold Story of the Navy Divers Who Recovered the Fallen, Help Save the Ship, Soldier Systems
In U.S.-China Standoff, Is America a Reliable Ally?, Foreign Policy
Turkey to switch from USA’s F-35 to Russia’s Su-35 and Su-57 fighter aircraft, Pravda Report
“It’s usually noticeable”: GOP senator calls for senility test for aging leaders, Axios
A Chinese-Russian Moon Base? Not So Fast., Foreign Policy
Army ROTC embraces cadet preferences in new talent management push, Defense News
The evolution of nonstate armed actors in the Middle East, Brookings
SFAB soldiers are heading out in smaller teams to more places, Defense News
Here’s where the Marine Corps is headed as it shifts away from Afghanistan and the ‘old wars’, Defense News
It’s Time for Rapprochement Between Turkey and the United States, Defense One
Will the United States Boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics?, Foreign Policy
Counterbalance | Ep. 29: Great Power Competition and Future of American Defense Policy, Hudson Institute
Hands-On With the Army’s New SMG – The APC9K, Sandbox News
Russian casualties mounting in CAR, Janes
Day 1 of outspoken Marine’s trial brings guilty plea and political sideshow, Marine Corps Times
Russia Breaks Diplomatic Ties with NATO, NYT
Russian Ka-52 combat helicopters intimidate Turkey with ‘death carousel’, Pravda Report
Turkish army prepares to invade four Syrian cities, Pravda Report
The Chinese-Russian Relationship and Its Risks to U.S. Interests, RAND
It’s a long way to “Polexit”, Voxeurope
The best hacks to make military life in the field suck less, Task & Purpose
Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller sentenced to forfeit $5,000 in pay and gets letter of reprimand, Task & Purpose
How China Uses Development Finance Strategically in South Asia, The Diplomat
NASA to crash spacecraft into asteroid in hopes to test planetary defense systems, War is Boring

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Watching the Watchmen, Buzzfeed News
British MP killing was terrorist incident – police, BBC
Small numbers of military extremists can still pose a large threat, experts warn, MilitaryTimes
Immigration Federalism: What Can States Do to Secure Their Borders? Heritage Foundation
Calif. Sheriff Sued for Sharing Drivers’ License Plate Data With ICE, CBP, Other Out-of-State Agencies, Homeland Security Newswire
Too Log; Didn’t Read — Unknown Actor Using CLFS Log Files for Stealth, Fire Eye Threat Research
FDNY Announces First-Ever Anti-Nepotism Rules, FF Nation
Institutions May Be Key to Countering Extremism in the Military, Homeland Security Newswire
What You Wear Under Your Turnout Gear is IMPORTANT!, FF Nation
‘Nightmare scenarios’: Maine fire, EMS struggle with vaccine rule, staff shortages, FR1
Firefighter dies by suicide at central Pa. station , FR1
Ga. LEO dies of heart attack in police station gym, Police 1
The impact of mental health on officer retention: What leaders can do to turn the tide, Police 1
LAPD declares ‘ghost guns’ an ‘epidemic,’ citing 400% increase in seizures, Police 1
Fewer than 1% of Denver’s cops, firefighters quit over vaccine mandate, data shows, Police 1
Do we need a new paradigm for protecting iconic groves of remaining giant sequoias?, Wildfire Today
Honeywell Introduces Gold Shield MT for Multi-Threat Protection in Ballistic Vests for Law Enforcement, Soldier Systems

Mountain / Outside Adventure

I’m Breaking Up with the West, Backpacking Light
At Four Ski Areas, You Can Pay to Skip the Lift Line. Locals Are Pissed., Outside Online
Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar Watch Review: One Watch to Rule Them All? GearJunkie
New Radiohead Music Video Flips the Script on Wildlife Rescues, Adventure Journal
James Price summits unclimbed Passu Sar North in Pakistan’s Karakoram, Planetmountain
Big Agnes expands team, confirms ‘aggressive plans for growth’, Outside Business
Expert Outdoorsman’s Advice Helps ‘Mitigate Risk’ While Hunting, GearJunkie
There’s a Best Time of Day to Try On Hiking Boots (And More Boot-Buying Advice), Wirecutter
REI to close on Black Friday for seventh year in a row, Outside Business
Group to Group Radio Communication on Snoqualmie Pass, Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
The World’s Most Dangerous Mountains, Adventure Journal
Sex, Severed Heads, And 5 Other Things You Don’t Know About Cairns, Adventure Journal
American Alpine Club now accepting applications for six grants, Alpinist
Man Killed In Hunting Accident, Eastmans
7 Days of Adventure in Sarasota & The Keys, Outbound Collective
‘Out West: A Film About Courage and Community’ Is An Inspiring Watch, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: This Cliff Drop Hand-Drag Is A Thing of Beauty, Unofficial Networks
The Big-Wave Safety Paradox, The Cleanest line
The 20 Most Livable Towns and Cities in America, Outside
The Secret To Filming a Full Part With a Full Time Job by Katie Kennedy, Snowboard Magazine
[Tech Talk] FREESKIER’s no-nonsense guide to buying skis, Freeskier
These outdoor brands are turning customer stories into marketing gold, Outside Business
The Record-Setting Life of Mike McCastle, Outside
The Black Horse Dog, The Black Horse Dog
Federal Agents Kill 8 Wolf Pups “Adopted” by Idaho High Schoolers, Meateater
The 25 Best Winter Trips in the World, Outside
POWDR Defends Controversial ‘Fast Tracks’ Program, Offering Refunds To Pass-Holders Who Don’t Like It, Unofficial Networks

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Hurdle Cleared: Obstacle Racing Steps Closer to Olympic Sport Status, GearJunkie
How highly processed foods harm memory in the aging brain, Science Daily
Media Outlets, Stop Sexualizing Women in Sports, Outside
Fasting is required to see the full benefit of calorie restriction in mice, Science Daily
There’s Finally a Legitimate Tour de France for Women, Outside
Higher fasting ‘hunger hormone’ levels from healthy diet may improve heart health and metabolism, Science Daily
Rye a better choice than wheat for weight loss, Science Daily
What It Takes to Run Three Marathons in Three Days, Outside
Research review shows intermittent fasting works for weight loss, health changes, Science Daily
A Top Trainer Shares His Favorite Old School Grip Strength Hack, Men’s Health
Is low-fat or whole-fat milk better for kids? Science says it makes no difference, Science Daily
Data continues to show that American’s need at least 5 hours per week of physical activity to prevent some cancers, Science Daily
The Best (and Worst) Places to Find Reputable Health Information, Men’s Health
How to Eat Enough Protein, Mark’s Daily Apple
9 Ways to Know if Health Info Is Actually Junk Science, Men’s Health
Best CBD Gummies for Pain in 2021 Reviewed [Buyer’s Guide], Men’s Journal
Opinion: On Covid-19 booster shots, the FDA has overstepped its role, STAT
Are Avocados a Weight Loss Food?,
Horror Lover? How Genetics Make Some Fans of Fear, WebMD


Between Fear and the Need to Feel Alive, NYT
Germany has ditched free COVID tests: Has it worked?,
CDC: Unvaccinated are over 11 times more likely to die from COVID, Axios
Public can lay flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the first time in 100 years, Marine Corps Times
Research Finds Diversity Trainings Aren’t Effective I Jonathan Butcher, Heritage Foundation
Our Review of the New 2022 Toyota Tundra, Outside
The Best Christmas Tree Stand, Wirecutter
Facebook to hire 10,000 workers in Europe to build ‘metaverse’, Al Jazerra
Is the United States really meritocratic? My long-read Q&A with Adrian Wooldridge, AAI
Facebook and the metaverse – what’s it all about?, BBC
Germany: Heavy-duty drone makes first public launch in Hamburg,
What the German Election Taught America About Democracy, Foreign Policy
Growing Trucker Shortage Could Mean Catastrophy, Daily Caller

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