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4 Reasons Putin Won’t Start a Nuclear War over Ukraine, 1945
Putin Is Angry: Russia Is Abandoning Elite T-90 Tanks in Ukraine, 1945
6.7 Billion People Could Die in a Russia vs. U.S. Nuclear War, 1945
Belarus joining the war in Ukraine could be risky, even for Putin, Al Jazeera
Germany says air defence shield to reach Ukraine ‘in days’, Defense Talk News
France to step up military deployments in eastern Europe, Defense Talk News
From ‘football’ to ‘biscuits’: how Biden would launch nukes, Defense Talk News
Kaman Develops Logistics Drone Prototype for Marines | Nigeria Acquires Medium Girder Bridge | SEA To Upgrade Duke’s Weapon System, Defense Industry Daily
The U.S. Marine Corps Has a Choice: Transform or Die, Defense One
Civilians Will Choose the Marine Corps’ Future—and Soon, Defense One
The Army Should Defend Soldiers Online, Too, Top Enlisted Soldier Says, Defense One
As the Russian Army Digs In, A Pro-Kremlin Mercenary Company Goes On The Attack in Ukraine—And Begs For Credit, Forbes
Ukraine Wins First Drone Vs. Drone Dogfight Against Russia, Opening A New Era Of Warfare, Forbes
Ukraine Claims It Shot Down Five Russian Helicopters On Wednesday Morning. Here’s Why The Choppers Are Top Targets., Forbes
Why Is Biden Giving Up on Nuclear Deterrence?, Hudson Inst.
Airman offended by a veteran patient’s comment on her looks, Military News
‘More dangerous than the Cuban missile crisis’, Morning Defense
Russia destroys large arsenal with Western weapons in Ukraine, Pravda Report
Europe does not want to die in Biden’s ‘nuclear Armageddon’, Pravda Report
NATO to practice use of US B61 nuclear bombs near Russian borders, Pravda Report
National Guard Struggles As Troops Leave at Faster Pace, RealClearDefense
If Russia Breaks the Nuclear Taboo, RealClearDefense
Air Force Academy Punts, RealClearDefense
Don’t Defend America with Chinese Parts, RealClearDefense
Biden’s Loose Lips Make the Nuclear Threat Worse, The Atlantic
What if the sailor charged in the Bonhomme Richard fire was actually a minor hero?, Task & Purpose
Two Army Rangers have died by suicide at Hunter Army Airfield since the end of July, Task & Purpose
Airman receives Bronze Star for helping fight off 2020 attack on Kenya air base, Task & Purpose
Orca submarine is yet another case of the Navy spending money like a drunken sailor, Task & Purpose
Army considering height and weight exemptions based on fitness test score, Task & Purpose
Microsoft goggles left soldiers with headaches and nausea during tests, War is Boring
Belarus creates a joint military unit with Russia after unofficial reports of Ukrainian threat, War is Boring
We Are On a Path to Nuclear War, War on the Rocks
Will Putin’s War in Ukraine Continue Without Him?, War on the Rocks
Avoiding War With the Army You Want, War on the Rocks
Here’s the No. 1 Reason Why People Fail Special Ops Training,
Around one-in-five candidates for Congress or governor this year are veterans, Pew

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Mexico: Gunmen open fire at Irapuato city bar killing 12, Al Jazerrra
Uganda locks down two districts in bid to check spread of Ebola, Al Jazeera
Russia says 11 killed in shooting at military base in Belgorod, Al Jazeera
China says it reserves right to use force over Taiwan, Al Jazerra
U.S.-Led Drone Fleet Starting To Come Together in Middle East, Defense One
If Russia Can’t Defeat Ukraine, Then Could The Soviet Union Have Conquered Europe?, Forbes
Austria eyes F-35 for future Eurofighter replacement, Janes
Netherlands to open third F-35 base in response to ‘deteriorating world security situation’, Janes
Taliban names former Guantanamo detainee deputy interior minister, Long War Journal
‘Too early to tell’ if Iran protests will sink regime, Morning Defense
Live Updates: Xi Warns of ‘Dangerous Storms’ Facing China, NY Times
 NI reveals in which case the US would change its course on Ukraine, Pravda Report
Economist: a major military conflict is brewing in the Mediterranean region, Pravda Report
Stalls and Sparks: Time to Do the Right Thing for Iran., RealClearDefense
A Second Iranian Revolution?, Commentary
Germany military must become Europe’s ‘best equipped’: Scholz, Military Technology
Xi Jinping Has Critics in China. They Have Paid a Steep Price., The Diplomat
Japan Sees Rise in Fighter Scrambles Against Chinese Aircraft, The Diplomat
The end of Europe as we know it?, Vox Europe
Xi Jinping’s vision for China’s next five years: key takeaways from his speech, The Guardian
China’s Challenge: Why the West Should Fear President Xi’s Quest to “Catch and Surpass It’ with Technology, Homeland Security Newswire
Who Are Russia’s War Hawks, and Do They Matter?, Homeland Security Newswire
Xi Jinping Is Weaker Than You Think‘, RAND
America curbs Chinese access to advanced computing, Economist


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security

Assessing the Many Hats of Cybersecurity Governance: Highlights from My Conversation with Jason Blessing, AEI
Five Facts on Crime Rates in America, RealClearPolicy
Russians detained in Alaska after arriving by boat, War is Boring
Third Air Ambulance Crew Member Arrested in FL Stolen Meds Case, FireFighterNation
State Review Finds Terrifying State of CO Fire Gear, FireFighterNation
Cal Fire Rehires Former Employee Who Admitted Defrauding FEMA, FFN
Fire helmet selection for the modern world: Beyond knockdown and overhaulFR1
Human- and lightning-caused wildland fire ignition clusters in British Columbia, Canada, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Wounded officer shot, killed suspect who killed 2 Conn. LEOs, Police1
FBI releases preliminary LEOKA statistics for 2022 to date, Police1
Poll: 82% of Portland area voters want more police, Police1
Washington Post article about six wildland firefighters, Wildfire Today
Environmental group files lawsuit against US Forest Service over use of fire retardant, Wildfire Today
How the 2022 Wildfire Season Affected Our Public Lands, Outside


Mountain / Outside

Biden Designates Colorado’s Camp Hale as National Monument, GearJunkie
Jeff Mercier Ice Climbs a ‘Cave of Dreams’ in Chamonix, GearJunkie
SCARPA Phantom 6000 Review: From Techy Mt. Huntington Terrain to the Denali Summit, GearJunkie
This is the Nicest Sleeping Bag Our Climbing Editor Has Ever Used, Outside
How This Hoka Trail Runner Became My Favorite Tackle-Anything Shoe, Outside
The New Rules of Winter Layering, Outside
Nexus is More than Just Girl Power: A Ski Film Review, Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
Four Hidden Features to Make the Most of CalTopo., Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
Ute Indian Tribe Blasts Biden’s National Monument at Camp Hale, Outside
Stowe’s Paid Parking Season Passes Sell Out Within Fifteen Minutes, Unofficial Networks
Study Shows That Even Small Amounts of Human Activity In National Parks Changes Animal Behaviors, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: The Best All Mountain Skis Of 2023, EVO
VIDEO: You Do Not Want To Fall On This Mountain Bike Route, UN
Climber Releases Massive Rock From Mountainside (Watch), UN
Ford Launching Van-Life Camper In US (Watch), UN
Bode Miller Nixes Plan For Ski Academy At Granby Ranch, CO, UN
Climbing Guide Seeks Healing In The Mountains After Losing A Close Friend, UN
Brown Bear Hunting – Kodiak Alaska, Eastmans
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission License Distribution Workshop – Part II, Eastmans
Embracing the Uncertain Skiing and Sailing Iceland with Kim Havell, Osprey
Watch Fay Manners, Michelle Dvora climb Denali’s Cassin Ridge in Alaska, Planet Mountain
DIY Alaska Brown Bear – A River Odyssey, Western Hunter
Watch Nadir Maguet set FKT on Piz Bernina, Ortler, Grossglockner, Planet Mountain
Samantha Botts flows through the PNW, TGR
​VIDEO: Mark Herbison’s Perspective on The Mt Ethelbert First Descents, TGR
​VIDEO: Gee Atherton Returns to The Ridge That Nearly Killed Him, TGR
Creation Theory: Finding Beauty in the Chaos with Ben Sturgulewski and Ben Moon, Arcteryx
One Is Not Enough: NEXUS is Coming to Shift the Paradigm, Arcteryx
Chasqui of the 21st Century, Patagonia
A Travel Writer Reflects on Her Profession, Overcrowding, and Hate Mail, Outside
Do You Really Need Camouflage to Hunt?, NRA
Spot and Stalk Bowhunting – Do You Really Need to Drop Your Boots?, Dialed In Hunter
Alaskan Hunting Guide in Prison for Wildlife Crime Spree, Meateater
Back to the Basics, Western Hunter
2022 Piolets d’Or Announced: O’Driscoll, Ukrainians Among Awarded Climbers, GearJunkie


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Suunto 9 Peak Pro First Look: A Turning Point?, DC Rainmaker
Garmin MARQ Athlete (2nd Gen) In-Depth Review, DC Rainmaker
Future Fitness App Review: Virtual Personal Training Sessions, Gear Latest
Garmin Unveils the Second-generation Luxury MARQ Collection, Werd
A One-Handed Lifter’s Adaptive Fitness Equipment Recommendations, Wirecutter
Best Fitness YouTubers, Athena-x
86-Year-Old Toshisuke Kanazawa Becomes Oldest Competitive Bodybuilder in Japan, Breaking Muscle
Watch Daniel Ryjov Demolish a 315-Pound Bench Press for 55 Reps, Breaking Muscle
Best Pre-Workouts for Building Muscle, Running, Taste, and More, Breaking Muscle
CrossFit Announces New Competition Map, Other Changes for 2023 Season, Breaking Muscle
4 Workouts With a Single Dumbbell for Muscle, Fat Loss, and More, Breaking Muscle
Signal vs Noise_ Elimination Makes for Better Endurance, Endurance Nation
Go Hard. Go Home. Rest Big., Endurance Nation
What to Eat During a Workout, Outside
How to Build Hip Mobility Safely, outside
What Happens if Marijuana is No Longer Classified as Schedule 1 Drug?, health line
The 30 Best Sex Toys You Can Buy on Amazon, Men’s Health
We Tested the Toque Fitness Tank M1 Fitness Sled, Men’s Health
6 Foods You Need to Eat More (And 6 You Should Skip), Men’s Health
You Don’t Need To Diet—Just Follow These 5 Simple Rules, Men’s Health
How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Week?, Men’s Journal
Men Are Supportive of a Male Birth Control Pill, Real Clear Health
Want to Get Fast? Stop Fasting., Triathlete
The 6 common signs of a sociopath: ‘They can be harder to spot than a psychopath,’ says psychiatrist, CNBC


Will Pandemic Learning Loss Cost $700 Billion to Fix?, AEI
Obama says he’s open to Supreme Court reform but warns against “political games”, Axios
From Romania to Ukraine and beyond: The lucrative business of Chinese cigarette smuggling, Vox Europe
Jamie Lee Curtis, 63, Poses Nude and in a Bathing Suit in ‘NYT’ Photo Shoot, Men’s Health
A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Chickens and Ducks, Meateather
Meet the Women Keeping Long Island’s Urban Deer Population in Check, Wide Open Spaces
10 low-stress jobs that pay more than $100,000 per year and how to get them, CNBC
Black Lives Matter tops list of groups that Black Americans see as helping them most in recent years, Pew Research

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