Arete 10.19.17


Militants Who Attacked US SOF in Niger New to the Area, OODA Loop

Crimea Isn’t the End of Russia’s Black Sea Ambitions, Bloomberg

Al Qaeda Rising from the Ashes in Syria, The Cipher Brief

Toxic Leadership Aboard USS Shiloh, Navy Times

Green Beret’s Assist, Advise & Train Mission to Expand, The Hill

Armed Ground Robots Could Join Ukraine Fight, Defense One



The Army’s Next Generation Body Armor, Task & Purpose

.50 Cal Round Effective Underwater to 60 Meters, Defense Tech

The 7 Most Mythical Skis of All Time, Unofficial Networks

2018 Best Snowboards, Outside

Avalanche Airbag Comparison Review, Outdoor Gear Lab

Army Developing Fire Control Device for Rifles, Defense News

Ultra Run Winner’s Full Kit, Gearjunie



Patagonia, Backcountry Hunters Denounce ‘Antiquities Act’ Threat, Gearjunkie

Is Actual Skiing Dying?, Unofficial Networks

The Surprising Science of Backpacking, Outside

Freeski Women – “More Than You Think,” Trailer, Freeskier

Rock Climbing – Healing Nagging Finger Injuries, Training Beta

Climbing & Outdoor News, American Alpine Institute

Skiers’ Guide to Japan, Freeskier

Drone Footage of Iceland’s Landscapes, Outside

The Best Ski and Snowboard Films Out Now, Red Bull TV

Avalanche Accident Case Studies,

Steps to Get Ready to Climb Big Objectives in Alaska, American Alpine Institute

First Free Ascent on the Diamond, Outside

Full Report On Avalanche That Claimed Hayden Kennedy And Inge Perkins, Unofficial Networks


Homeland Security/Terrorism

DHS Pics Sig Sauer for Sidearm, Soldier Systems

45 Foreign Fighters Arrested in Malaysia This Year, OODA Loop

The Rise and Fall of Los Zetas, War Is Boring


First Responder, Wildland Fire

Homicide the largest contributor to years of lost life among African Americans, Homeland Security Newswire

Sergeant Suckup, LE Today

Review of “Only the Brave,” Wildfire Today

FBI: Felonious Deaths of Officers Spiked 61% in 2016 – 116 Killed, Police

Respect Vs. Fear, LE Today

Interview with Amanda Marsh, Wildfire Today

Why Firearms Standardization Puts Officers At Risk, Police One

Stunned Suspect Kills Officer, Police One

LE – Analyze your Defensive Tactics Curriculum, Police

Wildfires: How they Form and Why They Are So Dangerous, Nat Geo

Eagle Creek Burn Flyover, Outside


Nutrition, Fitness

How Much Food Does it Take to Feed and NFL Team in a Week?, Men’s Journal

8 Best Muscle-Building Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians, Men’s Fitness

What a Single Fatty Meal Can Do to our Arteries,

The Healthiest Packaged Breads, Crackers & Chips, Muscle & Fitness

Healthiest Packaged Meat & Meat Alternatives, Muscle & Fitness

How Do People Die of Diabetes?, NY Times

Nearly 4 in 10 US Adults are Obese, WebMD

5 Things That Help When you’re Depressed, Psychology Today

Here’s Why Cross Training Is So Miserable, Outside

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