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Military / Foreign Affairs / National Security

Mexican policemen killed in ‘cartel’ ambush, Al Jazerra
U.S. troops abandoned their Syrian base. Video appears to show Russians have moved in., Washington Post
Putin visits Saudi Arabia in sign of growing ties, Al Jazerra
Notre-Dame plot: Five women jailed over foiled car bomb attack, BBC
US troops believe Turkey deliberately fired artillery at an American commando outpost in Syria, Military Times
Paris police killings: Five arrested over knife attack, BBC
With Turkey’s invasion of Syria, concerns mount over nukes at Incirlik, Defense News
US Army nears competition that could lead to robots directly engaging the enemy, Defense News
On the borders of Putin’s Baltic fortress, Lithuania cheers local buildup of US forces, Defense News
Israel’s Elbit sells over 1,000 mini-drones to Southeast Asian country, Defense News
The Soft Power of an American Cartoon: South Park and the Information War with China, Modern War Institjute
Why Is Turkey in NATO Anyway?, Defense One
Scotland Could Leave the United Kingdom Over Brexit—and Green Energy, Foreign Policy
Can American Values Survive in a Chinese World?, Foreign Policy
Mossad chief comments on policy of assassinations in rare interview,
AUSA 2019: Lockheed Martin weighs options for achieving a 250-300 kW air-defence laser, Janes 360
Islamic State trains in Somalia’s Puntland, Long War Journal
The United States Is Done Caring About Syria, Council of Foreign Relations
The EU’s serious inability to deal with crime and terror threats, Pravda Report
Army Overhauls Battalion Commander Selections, Real Clear Defense
The U.S. Marine Corps Uses the ‘Rule of 3’ to Organize Almost Everything, Inc. Magazine
Crushing Kim: Can the U.S. Halt North Korea’s Nuclear Proliferation?, Small Wars Journal
ABC News thought this Kentucky gun range video was from Turkey’s invasion of Syria, Business Insider
When Are Exit Strategies Viable?, War on the Rocks
A Better Idea Can Win the Next Big War for the Ground Services, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

California’s plan to reduce gang violence statistics: stop arresting gang members, LE Today
We just lost two more officers. Where’s all of the media coverage?, LE Today
Accuracy and Critique, Wildfire Today
Why the media shouldn’t name mass killers, Police One
Number of Canadian Police Officers Falls to 10-Year Low, Police Magazine
Convoy of 14 officers gunned down in ambush. Police say a deadly Mexican cartel is to blame., LE Today
Ex-assistant Idaho fire chief claims he was fired after opposing tax levy, Fire Rescue 1
A 3-pronged approach to making pursuits safer, Police One
Antifa activist killed. Group refuses to cooperate with investigators. “Don’t help pigs build cases.”, LE Today
Georgia Police Begin New Program to Extend the Life and Health of Officers, Officer
California Police Getting Closer to Deploying Marijuana Breathalyzers, Police Mag
Prescribed fire escapes on Eldorado National Forest, Wildfire Today



Tips to Prepare for The Casual Route on the Diamond, AAI
An Inside Look at USA Climbing’s National Team Training Center, Climbing Mag
Characteristics Of the World’s Best Belayer, Climbing Mag
The Nose Speed Record, La Sportiva
Why Climbing Is Such a Mental Sport, Outside
5 Experts on the Future of Climbing, REI Co-op Journal
Ibex Outdoor Clothing is relaunching, SNEWS
Paddle, Suffer, Ski, Patagonia
The 10 Largest Vertical Drops in North America, Unofficial Networks
How Athletes Are Using Their Power to Protect Winter, Outside
Age of Adam Ondra – the current limit of sport climbing, Planet Mountain
New ‘Return of the Turn’ Reminds Us Who the Real Skiers Are, Powder


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

What the Critics Miss: The Army Combat Fitness Test is Going to Make Us a More Combat-Ready Force, Modern War Institute
AUSA 19 – Close Combat Assault Ration, Soldier Systems
Freerunning In The Swiss Alps | with Dom di Tommaso, Red Bull
6 Cues to Make Your Deadlift Stronger, Breaking Muscle
10 Science-Backed Strategies to PR Your Next Marathon, Runners World
How to prevent middle-age weight gain: the science of staying slim, The Times
Why Eliud Kipchoge’s Remarkable 1:59 Marathon Won’t Be An Official World Record, Men’s Health
These Exercises Will Fix Your Tight, Aching Shoulders, Men’s Journal
Is Drinking Freshly Squeezed Juice Actually Good for You?, Men’s Journal
How Women Are Breaking Ultra-Marathon Barriers, OZY
Care for knee osteoarthritis in the United States, Science Daily
Whey Protein vs. Pea Protein, Mark’s Daily Apple
The 7 Best Carbs to Build Muscle, Muscle & Fitness
How Not to Die from Kidney Disease,
An Oncologist Asks When It’s Time to Say ‘Enough’, NY Times
Five Reasons the Diet Soda Myth Won’t Die, NY Times
The Best Adjustable Dumbbells, NY Times



Housing Market Points to Recession By Election Day, Council of Foreign Relations

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