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Military / National Security

U.S. Army Looks at New Ways to Beat Drones, Aviation Week
Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops still unvaccinated ahead of first vaccine deadline: report, The Hill
The Scylla and Charybdis of Duty Discharge: Military Dilemma with Undemocratic Leaders, War on the Rocks
Pentagon Begins ‘Continuous Vetting’ of All Troops for Insider Threats, Extremism; Social Media May Come Next, Defense One
China’s Development of Hypersonic Missiles & Defense, Real Clear Defense
Nuclear Operations and Counter-Homeland Conventional Warfare: Navigating Between Nuclear Restraint and Escalation Risk, Texas National Security Review
‘No way around it’: Facing budget cuts, Army braces to fight for modernization, Defense News
The Space Force knows their pants look terrible: ‘We are still working to get the fit right’, Task & Purpose
Marine who demanded ‘accountability’ on social media to be released from the brig, Marine Corps Times
Leaked documents reveal just how concerned the Marine Corps was about Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s call for ‘revolution’, Task & Purpose
Debate on ‘no first use’ of nukes mushrooms in Washington, Military Times
NGSW: Pros and Cons, Sandboxx News
The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport, Task& Purpose
Air Force tries flight-hour cap, flexible test scores to diversify officer candidates, Air Force Times
Ten projects driving modern Army combat, Defense One
Congress Moves Toward Requiring Women to Register for the Draft, Roll Call
Army Gets Its First “Dark Eagle” Hypersonic Missile Launchers, War Zone
Damaged US sub in port after undersea collision in South China Sea, Navy Times
What TRADOC has been doing about recruiting and retention, Defense News
A snowstorm and a plane crash stranded 13 in the Alaskan wilderness. The Guardsmen who rescued them have won an award., Air Force Times
The Army’s M4, M16 and SAW replacement is on its way, Defense news

Foreign Policy / National Security

China Fires Back at Reports of U.S. Commandos in Taiwan, Real Clear Defense
As EU hopes fade, Russia, China fill voids across Western Balkans, Al Jazerra
Vietnam’s Hidden Debts to China Expose its Political Risks, The Diplomat
Bad week for Czech PM after Pandora papers help dethrone him, The Guardian
Ukraine has three years left to exist, Pravda Report
Select RAND Research on China, RAND
Dmitry Medvedev says everything what Russia thinks about Ukraine, Pravda Report
Global Money Shifts to India as Xi Cracks Down on Tech, Foreign Policy
The Last Days of Intervention, Foreign Affairs
Does Taiwan Need Nuclear Weapons to Deter China?, Real Clear Defense
To Counter China, U.S. Policy toward Taiwan Must Change, Real Clear Defense
Taiwan:  China Is on Track for an Invasion by 2025, Stars & Stripes
Is Defending Taiwan Worth the Risk?, Foreign Policy
Turkey Requests To Buy 40 U.S. F-16s, Real Clear Defense
Could Poland leave the European Union?, Al Jazerra
Dwindling U.S. Merchant Fleet–A Crisis Waiting to Happen, Forbes

First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

New, $125 Million Project Aims to Detect Emerging Viruses, Homeland Security Newswire
Tacoma woman pleads guilty to arson after torching five police cruisers in Seattle, going on vandalism spree in city, LE Today
Characteristics of structures that burned in the 2018 Camp Fire, Wildfire Today
Los Angeles firefighter, police officer fall ill after contact with ‘combative’ patient, FireRescue1
Ariz. deputy dies after being beaten unconscious by suspect, Police1
Leadership against all odds: Every officer should know the story of Ernest Shackleton, FireRescue1
Why college educated police officers make more money, Police1
Four-Alarm Fire Destroys Four Buildings in Mount Angel (OR), FirefighterNation
Countering Domestic Terrorism May Require Rethinking U.S. Intelligence Strategy, RAND
American Police Agencies Losing Diversity, Police Mag
Yes, properly executed fuels treatments can modify a wildfire’s behavior and reduce intensity, Wildfire Today
U.S. Unveils New Cybersecurity Requirements for Rail, Air, Homeland Security Newswire
An overview of the federal police force, Police1
DEA, DOJ Warn of Lethal Fake Medication Pushed by Mexican Criminal Gangs, Homeland Security Newswire
Clark County (NV) Fire Department Ladder Truck Overturns, FirefighterNation
Petition started to remove firefighter murder scene from ‘Halloween Kills’, FireRescue1
Louisiana trooper, woman killed in shooting rampage, Police1
CA Wildfires May Have Killed Hundreds of Giant Sequoias, Firefighter Nation
Video: LAPD SWAT officers shoot barricaded suspect, rescue hostage, Police1
Las Vegas Captain Named New Maui Chief, Police Mag
FBI Raids NYPD Sergeants’ Union, Home of President, Police Mag
Examining how fuel treatments affected suppression of the Caldor Fire in California, Wildfire Today
Opinion: The Hero Myth of Wildland Firefighting, Adventure Journal


Mountain / Outdoor Recreation

By the Numbers: Crushing It – How Bad is Thermal Degradation in Synthetic Insulation?, Backpacking Light
1,300-Year-Old Ski Found in Norwegian Ice, Adventure Journal
Multiple Resorts Introducing Paid Fast Pass For Lift Lines This Winter, Unofficial Networks
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – October 8, 2021, AAI
Will the Outdoor Industry Ever Stop Booming?, Outside
Utah Poacher Nabbed For Illegal Wyoming Tags, Eastmans’
Experienced Rock Climber Dies In Tragic Accident In Little Cottonwood Canyon, Unofficial Networks
Study: Climate change poses an existential threat to outdoor recreation, Outside Business
Experience A Freestyle Kiteboarding Paradise In 4 Minutes, Red Bull
Platinum Picks – Best of ’22: Burton Rewind, Snowboard Mag
​Whats Up With The Bunch’s New Ski Brand 1000 Skis?, TGR
Comparison Review: HMG Prism vs MH Alpine Light 35 vs HMG 2400 Ice Pack, The Alpine Start
Not Alone, Arcteryx
Jones Snowboards Collaborates With World Renowned Surfboard Shaper For New Collection, Unofficial Network


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Benchmade’s New Kitchen Knife Does It All, Outside
Winter-swimming Scandinavian men can teach us how the body adapts to extreme heat and cold, Science Daily
How to Actually Remember People’s Names, GearLatest
Keeping Our Mountains Safe: Helly Hansen Takes Us Into the Life of a Ski Patroller, GearJunkie
Why Women Might Need Different Hydration Advice, Outside
Sleep loss does not impact ability to assess emotional information, Science Daily
Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Road Concept Targets Overlanding Families, GearJunkie
Biden Fully Restores Bears Ears, Escalante National Monuments, GearJunkie
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares How He Has Adapted His Workouts as He Gets Older, Men’s Health
A ‘cousin’ of Viagra reduces obesity by stimulating cells to burn fat, Science Daily
‘Swedish Armed Forces’ Team Wins 2021 Adventure Racing World Series GearJunkie
Those under 40 are more likely than older adults to recover COVID-related smell and taste loss, study finds, Science Daily
How On Is Taking the Running World by Storm, Outside



Climate change may already affect 85 percent of humanity, Al Jazerra
5 questions for Adrian Wooldridge on whether meritocracy should be preserved, AEI
Airbnb CEO’s Big Tech warning: “The world is rooting against them”, Axios
Engineers 3D-print personalized, wireless wearables that never need a charge, Science Daily
Why Big Tech is harder to rein in than tobacco, Axios
34 die in Russia’s Orenburg after drinking surrogate alcohol, Pravda Report
20 Questions With a Guy Who Had Penuma Penis Enlargement Surgery, Men’s Health
California Mandates Gender-neutral Toy Aisles for Retailers, Axios
COVID-19 Could Nudge Minds and Societies Towards Authoritarianism, Homeland Security Newswire
The long list of Facebook’s insiders-turned-critics, Axios
Male State movement likely to be banned and declared terrorist, Pravda Report

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