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Erik Prince, in Kabul, Pushes Privatization of the Afghan War – and is Everywhere, Washington Post
US May Not Be Able to Fight Two Wars at Once, Defense News
Mike Pence’s Tough Talk on China: The Trump Administration’s ‘Evil Empire’ Moment?, The National Interest
6 charts on how Russians and Americans see each other, Pew Research Center
Nuclear Weapons Time for Australia?, The National Interest
USAF Special Tactics History, Soldier Systems
It Is Time to Update the President’s Nuclear Command Authority, The National Interest
The Mountains Weren’t Enough for Marine Dan Sidles, Outside
The US military is planning a serious showdown with China, a significant show of force on tense tides involving American warships and aircraft, Business Insider
More Than 7,000 Marines Could Get the Boot, Marine Times
Army, Air Force Struggle to Finalize New Deploy-or-Out Policy, Military Times
A Staggering Number of Troops Are Fat and Tired, Military Times
Top Marine in Australia Relieved for Drunk Driving, Wall Street Journal
Mike Pompeo and His Chinese Counterpart Trade Harsh Words, NY Times


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Ford’s 2020 Police Interceptor Utility Fastest Police Vehicle at Michigan Test, Police Magazine
Trump Ignores Latin America’s Biggest Challenges, Council on Foreign Relations
One of the USFS’s First Female Firefighters Tells Her Dramatic Story, Adventure Journal
Full Conceal Firearm System is Flexible and Practical, Law Enforcement Today
Law Enforcement Legacies – The Evans Family,
Michigan K-9 Dies after Ingesting a “Foreign Object” Following Training Exercise, POLICE Magazine
IACP Quick Take: How police agencies can effectively communicate with Generation Z, PoliceOne Daily News
Miami PD hopes new ‘cop car’ will catch eyes, open minds, PoliceOne Daily News
FBI Says Crime is Down, So Why Does It Feel Like the Opposite is True?, Police Magazine



The Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Falconer, Outside
Decoy Test: The Best Mallard Floaters and Canada Goose Full Bodies Rated and Ranked, Outdoor Life
Department of Justice Believes Russia Hacked Anti-Doping Agencies Linked To US Ski & Snowboard Teams, Unofficial Networks
Freeride World Tour Dates and Stops Announced – In 2019, FWT athletes will return to five challenging venues, Powder
Best Bolt-Action Rifle Bargains, Outdoor Life
The Climbing Q&A:  Pro Photographer Savannah Cummins, Climbing Magazine
Ski Touring Kyrgyzstan, Outdoor Research
Quantifying Isometrics Part 2: Program Auto-Regulation and Its Implications on Finger Training, Training Beta
NEWS: Jan Hojer repeats Es Pontas, ~9a+ DWS,
To Look the Bear in the Eye; The Life of Yasushi Yamanoi, Alpinist Weekly
The Top 10 Hikes in the North Cascades, Outbound Collective
Top Status Symbols for Hunters,


Fitness / Nutrition

Breaking Down Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Breaking Muscle
The 7 Day Meal Plan To Get Ready For Spartan Race, Men’s Fitness
Fitness Machines Aren’t All Bad, Breaking Muscle
Are the Big Lifts Essential?, Breaking Muscle
The New Rules of Healthy Living, Outside
Congress Let the Land and Water Conservation Fund Die—and the National Parks Could Pay the Price, Backpacker
The Truth About Acai Bowls: Read this first!, Nerd Fitness
Milk Isn’t Bad For You (But 6 Types of People May Want to Avoid It), Born Fitness
What Is the Optimal Human Diet? Chris Kresser
Raw vs. Cooked Garlic and Onions for Blood Thinning,
Leg Press Versus Squat, Breaking Muscle
Evaluating the Proposed Tier 2 Operator Physical Fitness Test for USAF ALO/TAPC, Rand Corp.



Why huskies have blue eyes, Science Daily
It Sucks Being a (White) Guy, Psychology Today
Rethinking lethality in youth suicide attempts, Science Daily
Are Asian Americans the New Jews? – Bias against Asian Americans at Harvard Heads to Court, Heritage Foundation
Bernie Sanders to McDonald’s: Raise your minimum wage to $15, CNBC
These are the 25 companies with the happiest employees in 2018, Business Insider
The Vikings: Everything You Always Wanted to Know, The National Interest
What Killed Anthony Bourdain?, Psychology Today
Three Must-Do’s To Deliver An Amazing Speech, Forbes
Personal Health: Unlocking the World of Sound for Deaf Children, NYT
Are Single People Happy Because They Are Free?, Psychology Today

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