Arete 10.10.19

Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Rescue by tuk tuk as snipers rain death onto Baghdad streets, Reuters
German lorry attack in Limburg seen as ‘act of terrorism’, BBC
Ecuador moves government out of capital as violent protests rage, The Guardian
Games to Grunts program offers free video game downloads to active-duty troops, veterans, Stars & Stripes
Backing the Corps: Ensuring the Future of the Amphibious Force, War on the Rocks
Deterrence: I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means, Modern War Institute
New Zealand wrestles with 250th anniversary of James Cook’s arrival, The Guardian
Air Force colonel pleads guilty to child pornography charges, Stars & Stripes
The war in Afghanistan is now old enough to buy cigarettes, get awful military tattoos, enlist, and fight itself, Task & Purpose
Australia says it won’t risk more lives trying to rescue citizens from northern Syria, The Guardian
Bolivians protest over lithium deal with German company,
What role does AI have in the American nuclear arsenal?, Defense News
Germany warns of repeat of 2015 migrant influx into EU, Reuters
Brazil to open its new Antarctic research station in January 2020, Janes 360
The plan to give soldiers a day’s worth of MREs in one ration. Seven days of food weighing less than 10 pounds, Marine Corps Times
Bell unveils the Invictus, Defense News
Here’s how many foreign military sales the US State Department OK’d in FY19, Defense News
For Mexico’s President, Forced Disappearances Could Make or Break the Justice System, Foreign Policy
Extending Russia, RAND Corp
The Breakaways: A Retrospective on the Baltic Road to NATO, War on the Rocks
A Striking New Vision for the Marines, and a Wakeup Call for the Other Services, War on the Rocks
Operation Mount Hope: How the CIA stole a Russian Hind-D gunship in the dead of night, War is Boring

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

FBI confirms Samuel Little is US’s most prolific serial killer, Al Jazerra
Ohio city female FFs: ‘We’re not being harassed’, FireRescue1
New fire retardant gel developed that can remain effective for months, Wildfire Today
Wash. firefighter succumbs to burn injuries, FireRescue1
Students call for campus police to be disarmed: “We expect these demands to be met”LE Today
Texas DPS Sets Maximum Waistline Measurements for Officers, Police One
Chicago Officer Accidentally Shoots Self in Buttocks, Leg, Police One
8 tips for cops working the graveyard shift, Police One
“Let it Burn!”, Backstep Firefighter
Houston firefighters declare ‘no confidence’ in fire chief, FireRescue1
New Calif. laws to help responders with trauma, mental health issues, FireRescue1


Here’s How to Make Your Outdoor Gear Last Forever, Gear Patrol
Underappreciated Badass Davo Karnicar Skied Everest’s Impossible Line, Adventure Journal
Your Hydration Bladder Is Probably Gross—Here’s How to Fix That, Adventure Journal
Keenan Takahashi | Moon Shadow V13, La Sportiva
Kimmy Fasani Is Changing the Rules of Snowboarding, Outside
Dave MacLeod quashes his Mind Riot, new E10 trad climb at Binnein Shuas in Scotland, Planet Mountain
Dani Arnold, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Comici – Dimai free solo speed interview, Planet Mountain
Finding Your True North with Emily Miller, REI Co-op Journal
Gone but not forgotten: Which defunct outdoor brand do you miss the most?, SNEWS
Who Owns the Wild: Grizzlies or Humans?, Outside
The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear, Outside
The Professional Lowdown on Mountain Weather Sources: Benefits/Limitations and Application of Each, AAI
Has Overtourism Killed Big Sur?, Outside
Grasping at Draws: Unprofessional—the Top 5 (Worst) Ways to Get Sponsored, Climbing Mag
The Most Versatile Bike Rack for Your Rig, Outside

Nutrition / Fitness / Health

California becomes first state to allow HIV prevention pills without prescription, Associated Press
Artificial womb: Dutch researchers given €2.9m to develop prototype, The Guardian
Comparison Between Back Squat, Romanian Deadlift, and Barbell Hip Thrust for Leg and Hip Muscle Activities During Hip Extension, JSCR
Army releases new fitness test requirements, will go in effect next year, War is Boring
The Keto Diet and Exercise: The Ultimate Guide for Training on a Low-Carb Diet, Nerd Fitness
The Keys to Upper Body Strength Training for Women, Breaking Muscle
Upper and Lower Body Power Are Strong Predictors for Selection of Male Junior National Volleyball Team Players, JSCR
We Tasted 4 of the Newest (and Most Photogenic) Instant Coffees, NY Times
The Relationship Between Injury and Back Pain: Neutral Spine Versus Flexion, Breaking Muscle
Uncovering how the body ages is leading to drugs to reverse it, the Economist
Combined Effects of Static Stretching and Electrical Stimulation on Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Strength, JSCR
The fast and the curious: Fitter adults have fitter brains, Science Daily
HIIT vs. HIRT: Reducing Workout Stress To Increase Fitness, Mark’s Daily Apple
8 Things to Look For in a Protein Bar, According to Nutritionists, Muscle & Fitness


Drone spots five more dead elephants at Thailand waterfall, The guardian
‘South Park’ Is Pulled in China After Mocking Censors, NY Times
Extinction Rebellion activists glue themselves to Home Office and DfT, The Guardian
The top 10 best places to retire, CNBC
Here are the 22 books our Rising Stars of Wall Street think everyone should read, Business Insider
SpaceX’s Starship is a new kind of rocket, in every sense, The Economist
Subaru Moves One Step Closer to Dropping the Stick Shift, Gear Patrol
Bollinger’s Electric Pickup and SUV Are Made for the Mud, Wired

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