Arete 10.1.20

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Defense Innovation Is Falling Short, War on the Rocks
US Army to upgrade bigger units with new electronic warfare gear, Defense News
American Sea Power at a Crossroads: A Plan to Restore the US Navy’s Maritime Advantage, Hudson Institute
Pentagon’s plan to rearrange forces in Europe gets the third degree from both sides of the aisle, Defense News
The Real F-35 Problem We Need to Solve, Defense One
US intelligence reports warn of political violence during presidential election,
DOD Official Discusses Hypersonics Development,


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

Bill introduced to promote prescribed fire intends to reduce fire risk, Wildfire Today
Northern California wildfire burns 1,500 acres, forcing evacuations, threatening homes, FireRescue 1 Daily News
Meteorologists determine the Creek Fire created two fire tornados, Wildfire Today
Buffalo police no longer required to show names on uniforms, Police1 Daily News
Should cops buy liability insurance? Police1 Daily News
Massachusetts Department Announces Retention of Seasonal Officers, POLICE Magazine
U.S. Marshals take down 262 suspects, 141 gang members, six murders and save five missing kids, Law Enforcement Today



Frankengun: The history of the snowgun and the birth of the snowmaking industry, FREESKIER
What You Need to Know Before Buying This Year’s Ski Pass, REI Co-op Journal
A Day In The Life of Alta Ski Patrol (One of the Best Videos Of The Year), Unofficial Networks
Video: How Ice Climbing Helps Scientific Research | LIVE w/ Will Gadd, Red Bull
We Still Climb: Adaptive Team To Climb 19,347 Feet In 48-hours To Help Amputee Patients In Need Of Prosthetic Care, SNEWS
No blackout dates for locals: Aspen announces opening dates, operating procedures, FREESKIER
How to Actually Get Better at Climbing, Outside Magazine


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The Myth of Synchronized Breathing, Outside Magazine
Returning to Your Sport From a Break Is Daunting, But Doable, Breaking Muscle
The Role of Meat and Dairy Viruses in Cancer,
Diabetes in Pregnancy Tied to Heart Risks in Young Adult Children, NYT
You’re Stretching Your Hamstrings Wrong, Men’s Journal
How to Stop Drinking Coffee, and Why You Should Consider It, Mark’s Daily Apple
The Pelvis When You Run, Viewed From a Whole-Body Perspective, Breaking Muscle



E.P.A. Rejects Its Own Findings That a Pesticide Harms Children’s Brains, NYT
Ripple effects from the TikTok saga: Crony capitalism and the splintering internet, American Enterprise Institute
Rapid Coronavirus Spit Tests Aren’t Coming Soon, NYT

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