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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

The Army wants you … to revive its branding effort, Air Force Times
Germany to partially withdraw troops from Iraq,
Petraeus Says Trump May Have Helped ‘Reestablish Deterrence’ by Killing Suleimani, Foreign Policy
There Is Nothing Left for Americans to Do in Iraq, Foreign Policy
The U.S. Tested A New Missile And We’re All Worse Off Because Of It, Foxtrot Alpha
South Korea redeploys Patriot unit to central Seoul, Jane’s 360
France awards pistol and sniper rifle contracts, Jane’s 360
Hezbollah Brigades official reportedly calls volunteers for suicide bombings, Long War Journal
New in 2020: Marines to field new cold-weather boot for the first time since the 1960s, Marine Corps Times
Killing Qassem, Modern War Institute
The Future of War is Boring, Modern War Institute
Norway will pull out of Iraq, if asked , News in English
Why Doesn’t the Middle East Have a NATO?, Strategy Bridge
US sends rapid deployment force to Kenya after military base attack kills 3, Task & Purpose
Battalion Commanders Are the Seed Corn of the Army, War on the Rocks


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Mexican Asylum Seekers Could Now Be Deported to Guatemala, NY Times
Medical call leads to CO poisoning of firefighters, Fire Rescue 1
The fire chief’s role in firefighter mental health, Fire Rescue 1
By January 6, 155 firefighters will have been deployed from the U.S. to Australia, Wildfire Today
Ohio Police Find Residents Not Reporting Gunshots After Use of ShotSpotter,
Community Outreach and Gang Intervention Credited for Drop in Crime in Los Angeles,
Atlanta Police Implements “No Pursuit” Policy, Effective Immediately, Police Mag
College Professor Suggests Abolishing All Police Agencies, Police Mag
NJ sergeant arrested as FBI corruption probe widens, Police One



Man Survives 11 Days in the Grand Canyon, Backpacker Magazine
The Olympics So Far: Adam Ondra’s Rare  Underdog Moment, Climbing Magazine
How Dynafit’s CEO Juggles Epic Expeditions and Work, Outside
Emily Harrington’s fall on El Capitan in Yosemite, Planet Mountain
Why the Amish are Montana’s Most Devoted Backcountry Skiers, Powder
Dynafit Launches Lifetime Guarantee, Powder
Ultralight Gear Built for Speedy Ascents, Powder
Should Pro Skiers be Climate Lobbyists?, Powder
The Best Semi-Rad Charts + Drawings Of 2019,
The top 10 outdoor industry stories of 2019, SNEWS
How to Build a Sleep System, Therm-a-Rest Blog


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak in China, Council of Foreign Relations
Were Our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors Actually Better Off Than We Are?, Adventure Journal
Your 2020 Burnout Recovery Plan, Outside
4 Workout Rules to Break This Year, Outside
5 Effective and Simple Upper Body Strength Routines, Breaking Muscle
Study finds dopamine, biological clock link to snacking, overeating and obesity, Science Daily
When Does Fasting Cross the Line?, Mark’s Daily Apple
Running after 40? No, it won’t wreck your knees, The Times
7 Fitness Hacks for 2020, Breaking Muscle
Coach of the Decade: Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s Founder, Breaking Muscle
The Best Diets of 2020 for Weight Loss and Long-Term Health, Ranked, Men’s Journal
Bodybuilders Weigh In on ‘Game Changers’, Muscle & Fitness
What I Learned from Deadlifting Every Day for a Month, Muscle & Fitness
Top 10 Videos in 2019,
The Best (and Worst) Nutrition Advice of 2019, Outside
An Antidote to CrossFit: Going All in on Dan John, Breaking Muscle
Processed foods highly correlated with obesity epidemic in the US, Science Daily

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