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I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and it’s way of introducing them to thoughts, news and and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

I’m interested in taking Arete one step further – to have a weekly discussion group via a Zoom call to better connect with the readers who follow this type of stuff and also expand my own radar for news, thoughts and information. The call would happen on Thursday afternoon/evening depending on which time zone you’re in.

To begin, I’d start the discussion with what I felt was the 1-3 most important and/or interesting articles in that week’s Arete, and then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. Then we’d just let it flow from there. I’m thinking about 45 minutes.

Interested is listening in and/or joining the discussion? We could this week or next, depending on the response.

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Why Do U.S. Hypersonic Missile Tests Keep Failing? They’re Going Too Fast, Real Clear Defense
5% of Coast Guard Remain Unvaccinated; 206 Marines Separated, USNI News
No, the SAS Is Not Using a Double Barrel Machine Gun, Sandboxx News
‘Close the Loopholes’: DoD’s Hunt for Extremists, Politico
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Washington Post
Who Won in Afghanistan? Contractors, Wall Street Journal
Federal judge blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy Seals who refused vaccine, Axios
Marine officer faces discharge over deadly training mishap, Marine Corps Times
New in 2022: A coming debate over military pay could lead to troops’ biggest raise in 20 years, Military Times
Putin tells Biden Russia ready to fully terminate relationship with USA, Pravda Report
Poland ready to become USA’s sponsor and spend fortune on Great Army, Pravda Report
US shoots down ‘Soleimani’s revenge’ drones on anniversary of Iranian general’s death, Task & Purpose
‘Mosul’ is the best Iraq War film ever made, Task & Purpose
Nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier deployed for first time with female captain, The Hill
Killer Robots: How Close are we to AI Weapons Taking Over, Tactical Gun Life
Tomb reveals warrior women who roamed the ancient Caucasus, Nature


National Security / Foreign Affairs

The U.S. Is Naive About Russia. Ukraine Can’t Afford to Be., Atlantic
5 Places Where World War III Could Erupt in 2022, Real Clear Defense
China and Russia Military Cooperation’s Challenge to U.S. Power, Wall Street Journal
The United States Should Avoid Waging a Two-Front Cold War, Real Clear Defense
US, British spy agencies preparing Ukraine to withstand Russian invasion – reports,
Finland Insists on Its Right To Join NATO in Defiance of Russia, Real Clear Defense
US becomes world’s top LNG exporter for first time ever, Al Jazerra
Can American firms rid their supply chains of Xinjiang goods?, The Economist
The most important number for China policy, American Enterprise Institute
Pakistan confirms Chinese ‘Firebird’ fighter acquisition, Defense News
Serbia praises another arms shipment from Russia, Defense News
Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring, Defense One
Israel Security Agency uses Facebook to reach out to young Palestinians – report,
Update: United States embarks on asteroid redirect planetary defence mission, Janes


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

2021 saw plenty of violence — but no mass terrorist attacks in the U.S., Brookings
Detroit (MI) Firefighters Rescue Mother and Three Children in House Fire, Firefighter Nation
Investigators Narrow Search for Origin of Colorado Wildfire, Firefighter Nation
30 Injured in Baltimore City Jail Fire, Firefighter Nation
Colo. evacuee allegedly threatened FF, was found with 2 loaded guns, Firerescue 1
To free up ambulances, Md. county is using fire trucks, other vehicles to transport patients, Firerescue 1
N.C. trooper crashes at traffic stop, killing his brother — a fellow trooper, Police 1
Officer responding to shooting discovers victim is her son, Police 1
Union: LAPD officer who fatally shot 14-year-old was following active-shooter protocols, Police 1
More than 300 Baltimore PD employees quarantining for COVID, Police 1
Climate futurist says we’re in a trans-apocalyptic period, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside Recreation

The 5 Best Survival Schools: Learn the Skills for Any Outdoor Scenario, GearJunkie
Everest Guide Wins Long Legal Battle Over Cancelling Summit Bid, GearJunkie
Canadian Women Resurrect Legendary 5.13 Mexican Big Wall on First Female Ascent, GearJunkie
MeatEater Announces First Lite ‘Typha’ Waterfowl Line, Film Series, GearJunkie
Chinook Salmon Are Disappearing from the Pacific Northwest. But We Can Help., Outside
Can Snowmobiling Really Go Electric?, Outside
What You Missed: Sandia Tramway Rescue and Vail’s Staff Shortage, Outside
Entomology Facts That Fly Fishermen Can Learn From, Wide Open Spaces
The 8 Bad Habits of Climbing—And Their Remedies, Adventure Journal
The Simple Joya Of Being New (and Bad) at Things, Adventure Journal
Perfecting the Powder Turn, AAI
2022 Editors’ Choice Awards: Snowboards, Boots & Bindings, Backcountry Mag
Disturbing the Winter Range?, Eastmans
‘Undiscovered’ – Eaglecrest Ski Area remains true to its wild Alaskan roots, Freeskier
Are Poaching Penalties Too Light?, Wide Open Spaces
Watch Dave MacLeod soloing the Orion Face Direct on Ben Nevis in Scotland, Planet Mountain
Black Mountain (NH) Closed Until Saturday Due to Surging COVID Cases Among Staff, Unofficial Networks


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The Running Shoes We’re Most Excited to Try in 2022 , Outside
Substantial weight loss can reduce risk of severe COVID-19 complications, study finds, Science Daily
Why I Still Love Racing at Age 82, Outside
All the Bad Habits We’re Hanging On to in 2022, Outside
Jiu-Jitsu-Specific Performance Test: Reliability Analysis and Construct Validity in Competitive Athletes, JSCR
This Is How Many Calories Men Should Eat Every Day, Men’s Health
Here’s Exactly What Happens When You Quit Porn, Men’s Health
Considering Bone or Joint Surgery? You May Not Need It., NYT
Can you exercise too much?, NYT
Why Triathletes Should Try Cyclocross,
Break up with Your Strength Tool of Choice, Strongfirst
Learning How to Skate Ski Using Two Simple Drills, Training Peaks
More Than 10 Million People Died of Cancer Worldwide in 2019, WebMD
Need a Pandemic Change? Go Mediterranean (Diet), WebMD
How Long Can You Refrigerate Raw Meat?, Meateater
Black Market Burl: The Underworld of Illegal Timber Heists, Meateater
Lexus unveils global battery electric line-up, Popular Mechanics


Americans keep quitting their jobs in record numbers, Al Jazerra
Germany Closes Three of Its Six Operating Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Newswire
The 18 Best EVs Coming in 2022, Gear Latest
Video: Army Marksmanship Unit Shooter Drive a Nail With an Air Rifle, Tactical Gun Life
The Wirecutter 2021 Year in Review, Wirecutter
The 30 Best Clothing Stores for Men to Shop Online, Men’s Health
Charlie Munger’s Daily Journal Nearly Doubles Alibaba Holding, Bloomberg
Virtual-property prices are going through the roof, The Economist
John Deere says its autonomous tractor is ready for production, Engadget
The Case Against Crypto, Stephen Diel
My New Year’s Resolution, I’m Quitting Youtube, Sen. Rand Paul
Tennessee is Latest State to Require Hair Stylists Receive Domestic Violence Training, CNN

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