Arete 1.5.16

Russia Fires Dozens of Officers in Baltic Region, NY Times
Senators Reassure Baltics that US Won’t Abandon NATO, NY Times
What the US Would Use to Strike North Korea, Stratfor
New Rules for US Military Intervention, War on the Rocks
How to Fight Terror in the Trump era, Brookings Institute

Resetting Dept. of Homeland Security Priorities, Heritage
Turkey’s Terror Problem, Global Risk Insights
The Spark that Lit the War on Terror, Foreign Policy
Mapping Mexico’s Current Organized Crime Landscape, Insight Crime
VIDEO: Real Housewives of ISIS

Army Issues Energy Drink Warning, CNN
Company Level Tactical Intelligence and Targeting, Small Wars Journal
New Lightweight .50 Cal,
USMC SPMAGTF Africa Shrinks, Military Times
To Fix the Dept. of Navy, Kill the Mabus Legacy, Small Wars Journal

Adapting Our Approach to Violent Events as Fire/EMS Firefighter Toolbox
7 “Wow” Products from 2016, Fire Chief
New Firefighter Dilemma over Shift Trades and Overtime, Fire Recruit

Dallas PD Faces Hiring Crisis, PoliceOne
Most Embarrassing Moment as a Cop, Police One
Surge in LE Killings Underscores Need to Be Vigilant, Police Mag

Mountain Bikers Vs. Hikers, outside online
The Cost of Going Out of Bounds in Steamboat, CO, Adventure Journal
Hangboard Ladders for Finger Strength, Climbing
Top 10 Climbing Videos 2016, Rock and Ice

9 Fitness Lessons from 2016, outside online
Train Like a Pro, Climbing
NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Jan 2017 Quarterly Journal, NSCA
VIDEO: Powerthirst (400 babies)

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