Arete 2.3.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

You Know You’re a Climber When…, Climbing
REI Announces Layoffs, Cuts 357 Workers, GearJunkie
Jackson Hole Cancels Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Couloir Competition, GearJunkie
Why I Abandoned Wool and Down to Embrace a Synthetic Fiber Future, Outside
Here’s a Handsome Quilted Snap Shirt with Classic Western Details, Werd
Packing for Skimo vs. Touring: What a Coach/Racer Carries, BC Ski Touring Blog
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 1/25/24, AAI
Gearbox: 2024 Avalanche Airbag Packs, BC Magazine
Watch: Realistic Resolutions, Climb Strong
Kitty Calhoun Expected to Die at 30. She Advanced Alpinism Instead, Climbing
Your First Look at Gear for Winter 2024-25, Freeskier
Quinn Wolferman’s 2022/23 Recap “Shadows Fade” is Monumental, Freeskier
Rock Climbing Gear That Changed the Game, Gripped
The Best Climbing Gear According to Our Editors – January, Gripped
Arcteryx Alpha SV – Alpine Minimalism, Off Piste
Westfalia just dropped a new camper — its first in over 20 years — that is perfect for van life, The Manual
Hardest Mountains to Climb, Uphill Athlete
Can Arc’teryx’s owner revive Chinese IPOs in America?, Economist
Father-Son Hunting Trip Ends Tragically, When 13-Year Old Accidentally Shoots, Kills Dad, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Buried in Wegovy Costs, North Carolina Will Stop Paying for Obesity Drugs, NY Times
Most Supplements Don’t Work. But That’s Not the Worst Part., Outside
I Was a Bullet Journal Skeptic, but I Hate to Say It Works, Outside
How the 5-3-1 Workout Program Builds Massive Strength, Men’s Health
The Best Bullet Vibrators to Buy in 2024, According to Sex Experts, Men’s Health
12 Research-Backed Reasons Men Struggle to Lose Belly Fat, Men’s Journal
These College Football Signees Are Making Gains Through Power Cleans, M&F
The Safety of Fasting to Lose Weight
Any Pitfalls with Restricting Calories? ,
How to Exercise When You Just Do Not Want To, NY Times
The Link Between Birth Control Pills and Sex Drive, NY Times
Systems Thinking and How Pursuing Happiness Backfires, Psychology Today
Why We Went Crazy During COVID Lockdowns, RC Health
Getting Back to the Roots,
Trying New Things in 2024,
The Protein-First Eating Strategy,T-Nation
The Deadlift Nobody Does But Everybody Needs, T-Nation
The Triple-Threat Giant Set, T-Nation
The Importance of Lactate Threshold and How to Find Yours, Training Peaks
5 Supplements For Triathletes That Aren’t A Total Waste of Money, Triathlete
New Study Reveals Why Fats and Sugars Are Irresistible, WebMD
My First Fly-tying Class, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Does Color Matter?, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Poachers Posed as Female Wildlife Photographer to Score Big Buck Intel, Meateater
Why you should never retire, Economist
When your colleagues are also your rivals, Economist
Obesity drugs have another superpower: taming inflammation, Nature
Something Amazing Happens to Your Liver When You Quit Alcohol, Real Clear Science
You’re probably eating way too much protein, Vox
‘That’s just normal forgetting’: the difference between memory loss and dementia – and how to protect your brain, The Guardians

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