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U.S. Cuts Number of Black Hawks to Afghanistan by Two-Thirds, Small Wars Journal
Germany: More than 500 Soldiers Investigated for Ties to Extremist Right-Wing Violent Groups, Homeland Security Newswire
Eddie Gallagher strikes back at Navy SEALs who testified against him, Stars & Stripes
Poll: Majority of Americans approve of Soleimani strike, Military Times
Great Powers Must Talk to Each Other About AI, Defense One
75 years ago, Audie Murphy earned his Medal of Honor with nothing but a burning tank destroyer’s .50 cal and insane bravery, Task & Purpose
We Can End Our Endless Wars, The Atlantic
Why Does the US Spend So Much on Defense?, Defense One
Two Army Ranger medics saved lives by taking fresh blood from uninjured soldiers in the middle of a firefight, Task & Purpose
Making the Case for America’s Mission in Afghanistan, Heritage Foundation
Multiple Air Force Base Names to be Changed to ‘Space Base’, In Homeland Security
India will build six new submarines to counter rapid expansion of China’s fleet, War is Boring
Mexico’s Security Dilemma, Council of Foreign Relations
Why Japan Is Reassessing Its Military Power, Council of Foreign Relations
Survey: Nearly half of Afghans want US troops out after Taliban peace deal, Military Times
Briefing a Senior Leader? Put that Bumf Away and Unburden Your Soul, MWI
Duterte Looks to Boot U.S. Troops From Philippines, Real Clear Defense
Why America Loses Wars, Strategy Bridge
CIA Contractor Details Torture of 9/11 Suspects, Small Wars Journal
Special Operations Command review finds deployment and leadership issues but no ‘systemic ethics problem’, Task & Purpose
The US dropped more munitions on Afghanistan last year than any other time in the last decade, Task & Purpose



First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Australia’s Fires, Artificial Intelligence, Fentanyl: RAND Weekly Recap, Rand Corp
Mann Gulch and the Missing Links, Wildland Fire Leadership
Why conflict between officers helps the team, Police One
Caution: How to Measure Racial Bias in Policing, Homeland Security Newswire
The ‘M’ in EMS stands for medical: Tackling fire/EMS challenges, FireRescue1
Many Critical Workers in U.S. Short on Sleep, WebMD
How to address fear during police training, Police One
Tactical paramedics should be allowed to carry firearms, Ohio fire chief says, FireRescue1
Factors favor possible mega-wildfire event in Texas, officials say, FireRescue1
League Won’t Allow High School Hockey Team to Wear Jerseys Honoring Officer, Police Magazine
Traffic enforcement strategies: Zero tolerance, high visibility and targeted enforcement, Police One
Report: DOI manipulated wildfire science data to justify increased logging, Wildfire Today



Rivian’s Awesome Electric Trucks Will Be Cheaper Than We Thought, Gear Patrol
Start Your Week With Chairlift Nearly Getting Blown Upside Down, Unofficial Networks
Documentary: Behind the Scenes With the 2019 World Championship Routesetters, Climbing Mag
A Ski Area That’s Backcountry: Oxymoron or opportunity? Backcountry Magazine
Future Skis: Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 First Look, Gear Junkie
Essential Sewing Stitches to Fix Your Gear, Outside
How to Care for Your Climbing Skins While Backcountry Skiing, Outdoor Research
The Battle Against Crowded Ski Hills, Outside
How to Reduce Your Impact As a Skier, REI Coop
The Suunto Elite Team Announces its Athlete Selections for 2020, SNEWS
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 1/23/20, AAI
Belaying 5.14: Lost Between the Roles of Parent and Climbing Partner, Climbing Mag
Winter Climbs 2020: Summits on Ama Dablam, Progress on K2, The Adventure Blog
Ice Climbing in Bozeman, Montana, Outside
This Arctic Explorer Was One Tent Pole Away from Death, Outside
Generational Fidelity: Sage Grouse in the American West, REI-Coop


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Performance Differences Between the Sexes in the Boston Marathon From 1972 to 2017, JSCR
Artificial intelligence predicts treatment outcome for diabetes-related vision loss, Science Daily
34 of the most dangerous things science has strongly linked to cancer, Business Insider
Balance Across Disciplines Can Make You Great, Breaking Muscle
Keto diet works best in small doses, mouse study finds, Science Daily
Relationship Between Bench Press Strength and Punch Performance in Male Professional Boxers, JSCR
Weight loss and health improvements with Mediterranean, fasting & Paleo diets, Science Daily
How The Internet Can Help You Go Vegan, From Veganuary & Beyond, Men’s Health
The Army Has a Physical Fitness Problem, Part 1: Eight Myths that Weaken Combat Readiness, MWI
The Libertarian Case for Rejecting Meat Consumption, Quillette
The 3 Laws of Muscle Activation in Resistance Training, Breaking Muscle
How to Make Your Strength Routine Evidence-Based, Outside Magazine
2 Simple Steps To Keep Your Body Symmetrical, Muscle & Fitness



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