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The Greatest Nuclear Threat We Face Is a Russian Victory, The Atlantic
RUSSIA: Putin Prefers A Forever War, Strategy Page
Ukraine Must Be Allowed to Hit Inside Russia to Stop a Possible New Offensive, 1945
Sending Patriot Missile Systems to Ukraine Is an Expensive Blunder,
Putin’s nuclear blackmail must not prevent the liberation of Crimea, Atlantic Council
Former SEAL Dies in Ukraine; 6th Known American Killed in War,
Ukraine helicopter crash: Elites struggle for power as Zelensky’s days are numbered, Pravda Report
Old Soviet-era weapon known as ‘Baby’ will destroy Leopard tanks in Ukraine, Pravda Report
US may give Western Ukraine to Poland for Warsaw to pay Kyiv’s debt, Pravda Report
U.S. Military Spending in Ukraine Reached Nearly $50 Billion in 2022 – But No Amount of Money Alone Is Enough To End the War, Real Clear Defense
Air Defense Systems Appear Across Moscow, Moscow Times
Signs point to Belarus aiding Russia again in the war in Ukraine, We Are the Mighty

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Mexico Is Not Really an American Friend, Real Clear Politics
Türkiye is Not an Important NATO Member. Stop Pretending it is., 1945
Robert Kaplan’s “The Tragic Mind” Counsels Prudence and Realism in Ukraine and the South China Sea, Real Clear Defense
China Will Lose a Billion People By 2100, 1945
Macron Boosts French Military Spending by Over a Third, Real Clear Defense
The First Rule of Fight Club and Irregular Warfare Should be the Same, Small Wars Journal
Explainer: What is behind the recent protests in Israel?, Al Jazerra
Russian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain, NY Times
Doubling the Defense Budget Won’t be Easy for Japan, The Diplomat
Anti-American Propaganda in Vietnam, The Diplomat
The Paradox of Europe’s Defense Moment, TNSR
‘Strategic Ambiguity’ May Have U.S. and Taiwan Trapped in a Prisoner’s Dilemma, RAND
Six ‘snow leopards’ to watch for in 2023 , Atlantic Council
BARAK Merkava V tank enters into service with Israeli army to perform field test capabilities, World Defence News
Did Turkey Just Threaten War on Greece?, 1945
Colombian intelligence spied on Russian and Cuban diplomats, reports claim,

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Domestic terrorism is evolving. It needs imaginative counterterrorism., Brookings
Coast Guard: Illegal Fishing Has Surpassed Piracy as a Global Threat, USNI
Running your patrol rifle like a champion, American Police Beat
Coping with internal investigation or legal action, American Police Beat
Indiana police department offering $10,000 signing bonus to lateral hires, American. Police Beat
Cal Fire Rescues Six People Stranded on Island in Salinas (CA) River, FFN
After Two-and-a-Half Hours and 20,000 Gallons, Tesla Fire Controlled by MA Firefighters, FFN
Video: Watch Firefighters Pull MI Man From Wreck Just Seconds Before Train Slams Into It, FFN
Physics-based simulations of grassfire propagation on sloped terrain at field scale: motivations, model reliability, rate of spread and fire intensity International Journal of Wildland Fire
Study on the ground fraction of air tankers, International Journal of Wildland Fire
NFPA President Jim Pauley Reflects on Fire Stop Tour, Which Honored Tragic Fire Fatalities in 2022 and Served as Launchpad for Announcing National Fire Strategy, NFPA Today
SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range: Here’s what’s caught our eye so far, Police 1
Dr. Tamara Herold on how place network investigations address micro hot spots of persistent violent crime, Police 1
Bottleneck at Ore. police academy leaves recruits waiting months for basic training, Police 1
Hero Down: U.S. Customs And Border Protection Officer Jacqueline Montanaro Dies Tries To Rescue Daughter, Police Tribune
What a wet West Coast winter foretells for fire season 2023, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside

Louis Vuitton Sells $1,590 Chalk Bag, Climbing Mag
Best in Show Gear: Editor Picks From Outdoor Retailer Winter 2023, GearJunkie
Watch Jim Walmsley Battle His Mind and the Mountains in His UTMB Quest, GearJunkie
Specialized Lays Off 8% of Employees, Gear Junkie
Dive Into the British Coastal Mountains’ Vibrant Culture in ‘Shaped by Wild’, GearJunkie
A Rundown of the Best New Outdoorsy Vehicles Coming in 2023, Outside
A Discussion with Jerry Johnson on the Power of Social Media, BC Ski Touring Blog
Seek Outside Unaweep 6300 – The Ultimate West Buttress Pack?, BC Ski Touring Blog
A Polar Bear Attacked and Killed Two People in Northwestern Alaska, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 1/19/2023, AAI
The Intersection of Satellite Communications and Rescue Insurance, AMBA
Tendon Strength: A Primer, Climb Strong
Endurance Training Revisited, Again, Redux, Climb Strong
American Climber Dies From Exposure on Aguja Guillaumet, Patagonia, Climbing
Nat Bailey on Freeing the ‘Cosmic Egg,’ 10-pitch Aid Route in Zion, Climbing
New Book “Hidden Mountains” Profiles Alaskan First Ascent with Tragic Ending, Climbing
Avoid Accidents With Better Multi-pitch Communication, Climbing
Moving an Immovable Idea – the Kilter/Lemur Adjustable Wall, Climbing Business
Ask a Setter: How to Set Harder Than You Climb, Climbing Business
18 New Climbing Products and Services for Winter 2023, Climbing Business
Overcrowding by Non-resident Hunters Cancels Colorado OTC Elk Hunts, Eastmans
If You Like Slab, This Is a Climbing Film for You, Gripped
Ice World Champion Angelika Rainer Sends 5.14c in Italy, Gripped
Lindsey Vonn Became the First Woman to Ski the Kitzbühel Streif. She Did It at Night., Outside
How Sports Psychologists Define Mental Toughness Outside
Chris Rubens On His Split with Salomon and Move to Atomic, TGR
Climbing K2 with Lisa Thompson, REI
K2 Calling New BOA® Ski Boots “The Biggest Advancement In Skiing In 60 Years”, Unofficial Networks
Top 6 Ski Resorts With The Most Snow, Unofficial Networks
Jackson Snowboard Instructor Accomplishes 100k Vertical In One Day, Unofficial Networks
I’m Kinda Hooked On Looking For Dope Vintage Ski Hats On ebay, Unofficial Networks
Masterful Video Documenting Freestyle Skier’s Transition To The Backcountry, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Hiking Zion’s Angel’s Landing Covered In Snow, Unofficial networks
Booster Straps: What Are They And Are They Worth It?, Unofficial Networks
Skier Dies In Tree Well Incident At Colorado Resort, Unofficial Networks
Gear Loops and How to Choose, Weigh My Rack


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

What the Longest Study on Human Happiness Found Is the Key to a Good Life, Atlantic
Next Avenue: This couple left the city in their 60s to start a whole new way of life—restoring a forest, Marketwatch
5 myths about gas stoves, the latest culture war clash, Vox
Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad, Bloomberg
NBA Stars Are Stuffing Stat Sheets Like Never Before. But Why?, 538
Why Humans Dominate Northern Climates Despite Not Being Evolved for the Cold, Real Clear Science
Americans Are Among the Most Loving, Chinese the Least, Real Clear Science
The Ultimate Bench Press Workout to Increase Strength and Muscle, breaking muscle
Bodybuilding Legend Dorian Yates Still Resembles a Chiseled Statue at Age 60, Breaking Muscle
Reducing total calories may be more effective for weight loss than intermittent fasting, Science Daily
How Alexi Pappas Reinvents Herself, Outside
Fast After…60? …70?, Joe Freil
Watch Jennifer Garner, 50, Crush a Box Jump Workout in an IG Video Men’s Health
6 Great Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar, Men’s Health
Tips You Didn’t Know About Cardio From Groundbreaking Studies, Men’s Health
This Is How to Stay Lean for Life—Not Just in 2023, Men’s Health
The Total-body Comeback Workout Plan, Men’s Journal
Backcountry Winter Sports Are in Full Stride and on The Rise – Here’s Why, Muscle & Fitness
Testing Berries and Nuts, Two of the Best Brain Foods, Nutrition
Quiz: Which Cooking Oil Is Healthier?. NY Times
How Tech Is Putting Your Health in Your Hands, Real Clear Health
On Specialized’s Sponsorship Changes and Eric Lagerstrom’s Signing,
Avoid These 3 Training Rabbit Holes, T-Nation
The Fallout from the Pandemic Bike Boom , Triathlete


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