Arete 1.21.12

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

The Faultline Between Futurists and Traditionalists in National Security, War on the Rocks
Fear of insider attack prompts additional FBI screening of National Guard troops: AP, The Hill: Defense Policy
Can the Pentagon prosecute military retirees under the UCMJ? Maybe — it depends. Air Force Times
Why America needs a layered homeland missile defense, Defense News
US military says troop withdrawal from Somalia is complete, Marine Corps Times
Army is developing ‘aim control enhancer’ giving soldiers ‘iron man’ like capability, War is Boring
What Is a Cyber Warrior? The Emergence of U.S. Military Cyber Expertise, 1967–2018, Texas National Security Review


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

President creates Interagency Wildland Fire Subcabinet, Wildfire Today
Pros and cons of being a wildland firefighter, Wildfire Today
Ban on tear gas, neck restraints, unleashed K-9s among changes proposed in Wash. reform bill, Police1 Daily News
Bill introduced to award Capitol officer Congressional Gold Medal, Police1 Daily News
NY Attorney General Sues NYPD Claiming Excessive Force During Floyd Protests, POLICE Magazine
NYPD puts temporary stop on COVID vaccinations due to shortage, Police1 Daily News



List: Ski Resorts With The Most Snow In The United States, Unofficial Networks
NEWSFLASH: First Winter Ascent of K2 made by All-Nepali Team, UKClimbing
Backcountry Etiquette: The Basics, The Bird Blog
To Pull or Hang, TrainingBeta
Want Snow Data? Step up and Help…, FREESKIER
How to Make Safe Decisions When Avalanche Danger Looms, Adventure Journal
Video: Watch Oriane Bertone Climb Super Tanker (V14) at Age 15, Climbing Magazine
They Called Him Snow Leopard, Adventure Journal


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

COVID Shortened U.S. Life Expectancy by Over a Year, WebMD Health
The Best Shoes for Knee Arthritis, NYT
Decoding the DNA of 5 Olympic Athletes, Outside Magazine
No limit to cardiovascular benefits of exercise, study finds, Science Daily
Understanding Maximum Heart Rate, Breaking Muscle
Reevaluating Vitamin D as a Sports Supplement, Outside Magazine
Squatting with Long Legs – Strategies for Better Form! The Barbell Physio



What we now know — and don’t know — about the coronavirus variants, STAT
It’s Not Your Parents’ Hip Replacement Surgery, NYT
Why Learning a New Skill Is So Good for You, Outside Magazine
Missing: One Black Hole With 10 Billion Solar Masses, NYT
Greenland Set to Have World’s First Sustainable Capital, The Adventure Blog
Family of first WWII Medal of Honor recipient, KIA, asks government to remove soldier’s name from buildings, War is Boring
DC pizza shop is helping feed the National Guard, Air Force Times
Stolen ancient coins returned after Italy church confession, Al Jazeera
The Secret Lives of Trees, Adventure Journal

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