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The F-15EX Eagle II Might Be the World’s Deadliest Fighter, 1945
More Than a Dozen Special Operations Soldiers at Center of Drug Trafficking Probe, Military News
Volatus To Manufacture, Distribute Airial Robotics Drones, Daily Defense
Pentagon Rescinds COVID-Vaccine Mandate, Defense One
As a Groundbreaking Unmanned Task Force Hits Stride, Navy Mulls the Next One, Defense One
Sikorsky and Boeing Challenge Army Decision to Replace Black Hawk with Bell V-280 Tiltrotor, Defense One
The U.S. Navy Submarine Force Could Sink The Chinese Fleet And Save Taiwan, But At The Cost Of A Quarter Of Its Boats, Forbes
The U.S. Army Needs Mobile, Long-Range, And Precise Artillery, Real Clear Defense3
A Maneuver-Centric Force No Longer?, Real Clear Defense
Is the U.S. Military Becoming a Hollow Force, and Is It Time for a Strategic Course Correction?, Real Clear Defense
Thoughts on The (Un)Naming Commission, Real Clear Defense
Poor Judgment, Inexperience Cost Us Victory in War, Observer
American Leaders Accept Failure in War, Real Clear Defense
In War, America Has Become Confused About Victory, Geopolitical Futures
America Loses Wars For These Three Reasons, Real Clear Defense
Can High-Powered Lasers Save the Navy?, Popular Mechanics
Ongoing Headaches With F-35s Are Rippling Through the U.S. Military, Insider
Fleet Forces Studying ‘Plug and Play’ Destroyers, USNI
Why the U.S. Is Overhauling Its Marines on Japan’s Okinawa, Reuters
Using the Army Design Methodology Process to Frame Problems, Small Wars Journal
Analysis of Mission Command Within the Battle of Ia Drang, Small Wars Journal
Yes, America Should Cut Defense Spending, 1945
Former Australian naval chief in hot water after submarine proposal, Task & Purpose
The Air Force’s newest rescue helicopter just pulled off its first life-or-death save during a deployment, Task & Purpose
Marine Corps Assault Amphibian School commander relieved, Task & Purpose
This ‘Machine’ was the first combat-wounded amputee Green Beret to return to battle, We are the Mighty


Joe Biden Needs to Send M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine to Fight Russia, 1945
Time to Train Ukraine on F-16 Fighter Jets, 1945
Think Beyond Ukraine: Turkey’s Drone Exports Are a Threat, 1945
Is Tunisia a failed democracy?,Al Jazerra
Why Putin’s General Shuffle Is Good News, AEI
Ukrainian forces begin expanded U.S. military training in Germany, Axios
It Took Just Two Weeks For One Of The Ukrainian Army’s Newest Brigades To Get American-Made M-2 Fighting Vehicles, Forbes
Pentagon Balks at Sending Ukraine Long-Range Bombs, Foreign Policy
Moscow Shakes Up Command of Its Forces in Ukraine (Again), Long
Zelensky achieves outstanding results in the destruction of Ukraine, Pravda Report
PMC Wagner founder Prigozhin upset about attempts to steal victory from his fighters, Pravda Report
Why Should We Listen to Gates and Rice About Ukraine?, Real Clear Defense
Not a Movie, the War in Ukraine Will Lead to Killer Robots, Al Jazerra
Imagery Captures the “Savage” Artillery Fight in Eastern Ukraine, Insider
Despite Ukraine’s Wins, the War Shows the Limitations of HIMARS, RCD
The Depth and Breadth of Russia’s Losing, Small Wars Journal
SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Ukraine Integrates Foreign Operators, Strategy Page
Almost a year into the war in Ukraine, Russia has gone through multiple commanders, Task & Purpose
Russian Ex-Wagner Commander Flees to Norway, Seeks Asylum – Reports, Moscow Times


National Defense, Foreign Policy

Joe Biden Needs to Send M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine to Fight Russia, 1945
Time to Train Ukraine on F-16 Fighter Jets, 1945
Think Beyond Ukraine: Turkey’s Drone Exports Are a Threat, 1945
Is Tunisia a failed democracy?,Al Jazerra
Why Putin’s General Shuffle Is Good News, AEI
Nine Recommendations to Presidential Candidates on China Policy, American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Russian War Report: Russian hacker wanted by the FBI reportedly wins Wagner hackathon prize , Atlantic Council
Volatus To Manufacture, Distribute Airial Robotics Drones, Daily Defense
US Should Lower Barriers to Foreign Tech Talent, Experts Say, Defense One
Is Turkey a Crucial or Corrosive NATO Ally?, Foreign Policy
Iran executes former deputy defense minister, accusing him of being MI6 spy,
State places $10 million bounty on Kenyan Shabaab commander, Long War Journal
Why Does Germany Keep Neglecting Its Defense?, Real Clear Defense
Managing the Escalation Risks of U.S. Military Activities in the Indo-Pacific, RAND
In the 21st Century, China is Our Main Adversary and Japan is Our Most Important Ally, Real Clear Defense
Thousands Will Die Quickly if China Invades Taiwan, Fox News
Shifting Sands: Why the United States Needs to Change its Policy Toward Saudi Arabia, Small Wars Journal
Amphibiosity Within the Pacific Reset, SLOD
Japan’s Defence Modernization Accelerates, SLOD
The 6 Horsemen of the Apocalypse for China, The Diplomat
If China Invades Taiwan: Bombers, Submarines and Missiles Dominate, 1945
Iranian Navy Sending Ships to Panama Canal, Says Commander, USNI
Islamic State takes credit for suicide bombing outside where a Chinese delegation was set to meet in Kabul, War is Boring

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Twenty-Four Hours Of Terror: Documenting Equipment Losses After ’El Chapo’ Son Arrest, Oryx
Grounded: The FAA Alert System Failure Could Be a Wake Up Call, RAND
Wyoming police officer restores classic Chevy Bel Air as police cruiser, APBM
Maryland police officer uses screwdrivers as oars to pull herself across frozen river to rescue downed pilot, APBM
Don’t be “that guy” — get moving, APBM
New York police department organizes task force to investigate ‘blizzard break-ins’, APBM
Flow Parameters: Intermittent Cooling vs. Continuous Cooling, Fire Engineering
Mother, Three Children Killed in IN House Fire, Fire Engineering
Probe Finds Falsified Training Records at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station Fire Department, Fire Engineering
Firefighter Alleges Sexual Assault by Officers After Firehouse Party, Fire Law Blog
Denver Lieutenant Fired Over Offensive Comments, Fire Law Blog
Illinois EMTs Facing Murder Charges For Death of Patient, Fire Law Blog
City Refuses Legal Defense for Firefighter Facing Criminal Charges for Apparatus Accident, Fire Law Blog
Drone Slows Helicopter from Rescuing Hikers at HI Trail, FFN
Firefighter Challenge announces new programs, scaled-back event schedule, FR1
Atmospheric turbulence and wildland fires: a review, International Journal of Wildland Fire
‘Be a not-knower’: The power of leading with humility, FR1
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (CA), Officer Down Memorial Page
26 learning points from watching a cop lose his temper, Police1
Jon Becker on the evolution of special tactics and police use of force options, Police1
Proposed bill would end citizenship requirement for Nev. police officers, Police1
Well connected Newburgh, NY firefighter paid for almost a year after flunking academy, Statter911
Pre-arrival video: House fire with hoarding conditions, Statter911
HERO DOWN: Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Darnell Calhoun Killed Responding To Domestic Incident, The Police Tribune
Bill Gabbert’s death announced by his family, Wildfire Today
Biden worries the Secret Service may be loyal to Trump, according to a new book, Vox


Mountain / Outside

In Swiss Alps, Some Wonder What a Future Without Snow May Mean, NY Times
How to Use the iPhone 14’s Emergency Satellite SOS, Gear Latest
Josh & Sarah Bowmar Sentenced to Probation, Fines, Restitution, GearJunkie
Colorado Avalanches Leave 4 Dead Over Last 3 Weekends, GearJunkie
SENDY App: Mountain Biker Cam Zink and Snowboarder Travis Rice Open Community Marketplace, GearJunkie
When Hikers Die, Why Are We So Quick to Judge?, Outside
A Longtime Surf Competition Went Virtual During the Pandemic. Organizers Kept It That Way., Outside
Check Out These Photos of Mammoth Mountain’s Enormous Snowpack, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 1/12/23, AAI
Price Hikes Coming to Wyoming- Maybe, Eastmans
Over-Roasted, Patagonia
Ice Climbing The Inside Of A Frozen Waterfall, Red Bull
​Athlete List for Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2023 Announced, TGR
Out-of-Bounds Skier @ Snowmass Requires Rescue After Falling Into River, UN
The Psychology of Risk and Fear: How to Know When to Go, Uphill Athlete
A Hunter and Angler’s Guide to the Omnibus Funding Deal, TRCP
Underwater Drone Helps Ice Anglers Find Smallmouth Bass, Wide Open Spaces



Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore, DC Rainmaker
This website is a curated musical time machine we can’t stop listening to, the Manual
The 5 best low-calorie drinks to order at the bar, The Manual
Powerlifter Jacob Green Hit a Squat PR of 254.9 Kilograms (562 Pounds) with a Three-Second Negative, Breaking Muscle
How to Do the Bear Plank for Stronger Abs and Total-Body Stability, Breaking Muscle
U.S. Cancer Death Rate Has Fallen 33% Since 1991, Here’s Why, Healthline
How a Slow-and-Steady Workout Regimen Helped This Guy Lose 85 Pounds, Men’s Health
10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself, Men’s Health
Is Potato Protein the Next Big Thing?, Men’s Journal
Former NFL star Brandon Marshall Helping Ex-Athletes Build a New ‘Prime’, Muscle & Fitness
Even a Little Alcohol Can Harm Your Health, Research Shows, NY Times
How Deadly Were the Covid Lockdowns? WSJ
How Alcohol Changes the Body and Mind, Salon
The Dangerous Rise of Safetyism, Spikes
The History of Fueling Endurance Performance,
Do You Even Need An Arm Workout? Probably Not., T-Nation
How to Maximize Aerobic Training, Training Peaks


Inside Giants Coach Brian Dabbles “genius” Process for Assembling All Star Staff – The Athletic
The Gas Stove Culture Wars Have Begun, Gear Latest
RIP, Passwords. Here’s What’s Coming Next., WireCutter
Ozone layer projected to heal completely by 2066, says new report, Christian Science Monitor
Go to Texas to see the anti-green future of clean energy, Economist
The life and career of Costco CEO Craig Jelinek, who’s worked at the retail giant since the ’80s – and eats its famous $1.50 hot dog plain, Business Insider
The richest 1% of people amassed almost two-thirds of new wealth created in the last two years, Oxfam says, CNBC
The Death of the SUV is Coming, Says Citroën’s CEO, Jalopnik
Bill Gates Wants to Build All the Nuclear Reactors, Popular Mechanics
Roman civil engineering has lessons for the modern world, Economist
What causes elephant poaching?, Economist
A praying mantis attacks a nestling, Economist
The Gas-Stove Debate Exemplifies the Silliest Tendencies of American Politics, The Atlantic
All the Data Apple Collects About You—and How to Limit It, Wired

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