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Glock Introduces 19x Pistol, Recoil

Top US Afghan Commander Wants More Aggressive Afghan Push, Military Times

Let Marines Be Marines, Proceedings

$650 Drones Causing Problems in Syria and Iraq,

Infantry Test Drone Swarm for Urban Conflict, Defense News

Coming to Grips with a Rising China, Real Clear Defense

It’s Time to End Pakistan’s Double Game, The National Interest

France Foils 20 Planned Terror Attacks in 12 Months, The Local

Marine Corps Lab Imagines Weapons of the Future, Signal

The Real N. Korea Disaster isn’t War, but Collapse, The National Interest

Why Pakistan Supports Terrorists Groups, and Why the US Finds it So Hard To Induce Change, Brookings

US Military May Soon Have “Ironman” Suits, The National Interest

M27s and ‘Head-to-Toe’ Gear Overhaul on the Way for Marine Grunts,

Australian Military Too Weak to Defend Australia?,

America’s War on Terror Targets 76 Countries, War Is Boring

US Navy to Weaponize Unmanned Surface Craft, USNI News


Homeland Security / First Responder

NYC To Install Hundreds of Barriers to Protect Pedestrians, Police One

Homeowner Tries to Stab Firefighter Fighting the Fire in His House, Firefighter Close Calls

How To Implement and Justify a Drone Program, Police Mag

CO Cop Killer Posted Ambush Live Stream, Police Mag

Stats on Police Shootings, LE Today

Chicago Gangs Arming With Rifles, Police One

11 Dead After Gun Battle Outside Acapulco, Reuters

What Do Border Patrol Agents Think About the Immigration Battle,

Drones Flying Drugs into US, Washington Times

8 Police Cadets Injured During Training At the Ohio Patrol Academy, Police Mag

ICE Director Promises Doubling of Officers After CA ‘Sanctuary’ Law Signed, Police Magazine

Radio Traffic from Philly LODD, Firefighter Close Calls

Does the U.S. No-Concessions Policy Deter Kidnappings of Americans?, Rand Corp


Mountain / Wildland Fire

How Experts Layer in a Sleeping Bag, Outside

Polish Team Attempts First K2 Ascent, Gearjunkie

8 Adventurers Who Changed the World, Outside

ISIS Considering Self-Driving Cars for Attacks, The Cipher Brief

Missed Shots,

Recap of Fatal Montana Avalanche, Unofficial Networks

Dirtbag Hiearchy,

Steep Skiing in Peru, Planet Mountain

The Snow Sucks. Ski Anyway, Powder

4 Steps to Overcome Human Heuristic Avalanche Traps, Backcountry Magazine

Hayden Kennedy’s Bold Approach to Climbing, Black Diamond

AK BC Ski Adventure with Chris Davenport, The Adventure Blog

The Woman Making Bomber Women’s Skis, Outside

How To Be The Best Local Ever: The Jaded Local’s do’s and don’ts of living in a ski town, Powder

Field Tests of Tracking Devices for Firefighters, Wildfire Today

Climbing with Women, American Alpine Institute

Climbing Everest, Without Oxygen, In Winter, Outside


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Antioxidants Don’t Ease Soreness After Exercise, NY Times

7 Exercises That Increase Testosterone in Men, Men’s Fitness

5 Health and Wellness Products We Can’t Live Without, Muscle & Fitness

Bone Broth Recipes, Muscle & Fitness

Are Veiny Arms A Sign You’re Superfit? Men’s Health

Quit Running Because of Back Pain?, Men’s Fitness

7 Resolutions To Build Your Mental Toughness, Men’s Fitness

The Vitamins Every Athlete Actually Needs, Outside

The Most Advanced Recovery Tools for Lifters, Muscle & Fitness

Killian Jornet: How I Train,

5 Benefits of Sleeping Naked, Men’s Fitness

6 Hip Mobility Drills Everyone Should Perform, Mike Reinold

Swimming Is One of the Best And Hardest Workouts You Can Do, Men’s Journal

5 Signs You Need New Running Shoes, Men’s Health

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