Apply for MTI’s “Stuff I’ve Learned” Virtual Mini-Scrum, June 2020

By Rob Shaul 

MTI is calling for applications from our community of mountain and tactical professionals, and others, to apply for an upcoming virtual “Mini Scrum” next month. 

We aim to bring together 4-8 mid or late career professionals at a stage  life where they are ready for some intense, thoughtful reflection on their professional and personal lives. 

The “Mini Scrum” will be built around a “Stuff I’ve Learned” essay. Successful applicants will be tasked to write their own, “Stuff I’ve Learned” essay prior to the Scrum beginning, and be ready for a critical deep deep into your lessons with myself and the other Scrum participants.

Here are my own essay submissions:

Essay discussions will via 2-4 Zoom (60-90 min) meetings will be mandatory and will take place early in the morning the first two weeks of June, 2020.

Expect essay re-writes and changes as a result of the virtual meetings.

The Scrum  “Stuff I’ve Learned” essays will be published on the MTI website and shared with Beta Newsletter readers.

Who Should Apply:

  • Mountain Professionals, Professional Mountain Athletes, Tactical Athletes (Military, LE, Fire/Rescue), Tactical Instructors, Strength & Conditioning Professionals and other members of the MTI community, at least 28 years old with at least 5 years experience in your current occupation.
  • This Mini Scrum will be conducted and moderated following the principles and spirit of Quiet Professionalism and those who apply should embrace these principles and aspire to them.


  • $200
  • $100 will will be refunded at the end of the Scrum – if effort, deep thought and reflection are put forth, initial essay is completed and modifications made for the final product as directed, all the meetings are attended and participation is heartfelt and active.
  • Please don’t apply if you aren’t committed and deeply interested. No tourists!

To Apply:

  • Email your most recent CV and a cover letter expressing your interest to
  • Applications are due by 1700, Thursday, May 28. The first draft of your “Stuff I’ve Learned” Essay will be due Monday, June 1, and the first Zoom meeting will be held Tuesday, June 2.

This will be an invite-only event. In addition to selecting professionals ready for professional and personal reflection, we also hope to bring together a group of individuals from diverse occupations and backgrounds.


Please email

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