A Week on Rob Shaul’s Diet

By Rob Shaul

Below is a typical weekly menu for me. On our current schedule, I start coaching in the morning at 7am, and generally wake up at 4 or 4:30 am. I have time to run and read in the morning, and often cook a couple eggs for breakfast.

I try to eat “clean” 6 days a week. Clean = no bread, sugar, pasta, beans, chips, rice, etc. Don’t drink calories.

What I do eat is meat, veggies, a little cheese, fruit, nuts, and eggs.

There is no caloric restriction on this diet. You can eat until you’re full.

One day a week is “cheat” day. Mine is Friday. You can eat anything you want. Over the years I’ve cheated less and less on my “cheat” day. Super sweet food like cake, pie, donuts, ice cream, candy, etc., tastes icky, and upsets my stomach. Mostly I crave bread or wheat.

I generally have an afternoon snack with coffee. My go-to snack is an apple and almond butter.

As you can see from my menu, there isn’t a lot of variety. I’m not a foodie by any means.

At meals and work I drink either coffee or water – usually bubble water. Sometimes I’ll add a few drops of the zero calorie flavoring, but mostly I drink it unflavored. We have a soda stream in the office and I use it daily.


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– Rob

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