5 Great Sandbag Exercises



We think the sandbag is an excellent training tool. These are 5 of our favorite sandbag exercises:



1. Sandbag Get Up

Technique Tips: Start with the bag on your shoulder. Lie down on your back. Get up however you want. Switch shoulders to keep reps balanced.
Why We Love It: 
Few movements are more functional than learning to get off the ground. Plus it is a great way to train your core. 
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2. Sandbag Mutant Maker

Technique Tips: Keep a straight back with your weight on your heels. When you press overhead, try to align all your joints.
Why We Love It: Lifting, squatting, and pressing overhead – what’s not to love?
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3. Sandbag All Fours Drag

Technique Tips: Keep your hips as low as possible. To really challenge yourself see how far you can extend before dragging the bag underneath your torso.
Why We Love It: It adds a dynamic component to the sometimes tedious (but effective) plank.
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4. Sandbag Clean, Squat & Run

Technique Tips: Keep the sandbag close to your body as you clean. After the run, drop the sandbag and repeat on the opposite shoulder.
Why We Love It: The perfect mix of three of our favorite movements- cleaning, squatting, and running in one metabolic exercise.
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5. Sandbag Kneeling Keg Lift

Technique Tips: Grip the bag by the handles. Keep a straight back, and move hips to shoulders as you rotate.
Why We Love It: It’s tough to find effective ways to train rotation which also challenges your isometric strength – here is one.
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