Arete 3.23.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

US Military Doesn’t Have the Icebreakers to Compete in the Arctic, NORAD Commander Warns,
Israeli military says 90 people killed in Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital raid, Al Jazerra
Army General Pressured Assessment Panel to Help Career of ‘Ineffective’ Officer,
State Department Approves $2 Billion Abrams Sale to Bahrain, Javelins For Morocco, Defense Daily
Khamenei’s Strategy to Dominate the Middle East Will Outlive Him, Foreign Policy
United States consistently underestimates Cuban intelligence, sources say,
Reported Israeli airstrikes kill IRGC Navy advisor in Syria, Long War Journal
Schumer’s speech meets Biden-Bibi call, Morning Defense
Don’t rule out troops to Ukraine, Finnish FM says, Morning Defense
Navy Officer Arrested for Alleged Rape of Teenager He Met on Dating App,
Navy Fires Commander of USS Ohio — 3rd Submarine Skipper Relieved in 7 Months,
General fires two Marine officers in the same day, popular military
The decline of the West and the rise of Russia. A point of view from India, Pravda Report
NATO’s ultimate goal is to open second front against Russia in Transcaucasus, Pravda Report
Gospels of Foreign Policy Realism, RCD
Trump Says No More ‘Free Milk’ for NATO Free Loaders, RCD
Everything you need to know about US Navy submarines, RCD
Air Force fires two medical commanders at Joint Base Charleston, T&P
Washington elite received free healthcare from the military by using aliases, War is Boring
Putin says soldiers from NATO countries are in Ukraine and full-scale war with NATO is still an option, War is Boring
Mexican cartel sending people across border with cash to buy these weapons, War is Boring
Fearing Their Officers More Than the Enemy: Summary Executions from George Washington to Ukraine, WOTR
The U.S.–China Rivalry in a New Medieval Age, RAND
Help Ukraine Win—or Risk Kicking Off a U.S. Losing Streak, RAND


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Arizona Game and Fish Votes to Ban Big Game Auction Tags, GearJunkie
NOLS Cuts 60 Jobs, Closes Campuses Amid ‘Financial Challenges’, GearJunkie
‘We Need to Fight’: Union Organizing Booms in US Outdoor Industry, GearJunkie
Pierce Brosnan Broke the Rules in Yellowstone. The Punishment Is Not Enough, Outside
Your Ski Season May Get Drastically Shorter, Outside
Execution Vol 1: Better People Make Better Climbers, Climb Strong
Fifty More Classic Climbs of North America, Climbing
Weekend Whipper: Reminder! It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over, Climbing
[Q&A] Jim Ryan Sets New Record on Jackson Hole’s Legendary Central Couloir, Freeskier
Breakout Skier of the Year Xander Guldman Puts on a Show in Matchstick Productions “The Land of Giants”, Freeskier
Adrià Millan Pla Takes Home ANOTHER $10K From GoPro’s Line of the Winter, Freeskier
“Prototype” is Todd Ligare’s Visual Odyssey Into Alaskan Skiing, Freeskier
“The League” Shows the Story Behind Jib League and a Bold New Future for Freeskiing, Freeskier
Matt Fultz Makes the Second Ascent of a V16, Gripped
Sierra Blair Climbs a Chris Sharma V12 in a Threatened USA Area, Gripped
The 23 Best Places to Travel in 2024, Outside
The Long Defeat: Failing in the Mountains, Outdoor Journal
New Study Finds That Large Numbers Of Ski Resorts Could Be Snow-free In Decades, Unofficial Networks
Women Cyclists Fight Cougar In ‘hand-to-hand combat’ To Save Friend, UN
Backcountry Skier Details His Tramautizing Avalanche Experience, UN
Is Technology Making Fishing Worse?, Meateater

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Best Measuring Cups, Wirecutter
The Size Disadvantage, Outside
The Push Day Workout That Blew Up Pablo Schreiber’s Back for ‘Halo’ Season 2, Men’s Journal
5 Ways Ozempic, Wegovy, and Other Weight Loss Drugs May Improve Your Health, Healthline
Benefits of a Cold Water Plunge May Lack Quality Science, Report Says, Healthline
To Build Muscle, It’s the Sets That Count, Outside
“Sugar Crush” Reveals How Your Diet Silently Wrecks Your Nerves – Dr. Alan Shih, M&F
A Psychedelics Reporter With a Changing Perspective, NYT
What to Know About Intermittent Fasting, NYT
Ozempic for Kids?, Real Clear Health
The One-Arm Row You Can Actually Feel, T-Nation
The Ultra-Endurance Journey: Part 1 — Passion Becomes Lifestyle, Training Peaks
Why Female Athletes Are More Prone to ACL Tears, Training Peaks
We Review the Garmin HRM-FIT, the First Heart Rate Monitor for Women, Triathlete
Toxic Positivity: When ‘Good Vibes Only’ Goes Too Far, WebMD
Best and Worst Snacks, WebMD
How to Know When Growing Pains Are Something Else, WebMD
Oprah Takes on Weight Stigma in the Ozempic Era in New Weight Loss Special, NYT

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