Weighted Walking Lunges

Stand facing forward with your feet a shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight with your head and chin up. Place your hands on your hips while you do your walking lunges. Tighten your abdominal muscles.

Lift your right foot up in a 90-degree angle and have your leg form an upside-down “L.” Keep your knee and hip aligned, as well as your knee and ankle. Inhale as you step forward several feet in front of you with your heel landing first. Roll your foot down to have your toe touch the floor.

Lower your back knee so it almost touches the floor. Your knees face forward at all time and remain aligned while doing walking lunges.

Exhale as you use your weight and push up off your back toes and push your body forward to land your back foot in front to do another walking lunge. Keep your knee and hips aligned and your knee and ankle aligned. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tightened.

Move forward with each lunge you perform.

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