Toe Touch Complex

Toe Touch Complex

1) Elevate your toes on a 2×4 or 10# plate, anything about 2″ high
that will allow you to face both your feet foreword.

2) Pinch a foam roller, or rolled-up towel between your knees. Should
be about 6″ in diameter.

3) Reach as high as you can over head, and while bending over touch
your hips, knees, and toes. Holding the stretch in the toes for a
few breaths. As you reach for your toes pinch your knees together in
an attempt to deepen the stretch. Try and keep your knees straight,
but if you don’t have the flexibility to touch your toes, you can bend
them as much as you need to allow this.

4) Repeat 3x times.

5) Next, step foreword and repeat the process with your heels elevated
on the board and your toes on the ground 3x more times.

6) Finally repeat once more with your feet flat on the ground 3x more times.

So 9x total touch’s are considered 1 round.

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