Glute Leg Lift

The Glute Leg Lift is a "Strength Durability" exercise developed by Athletic Trainer Kevin Brown.

This exercise targets the Gluteus Medius, which plays a huge role in keeping the hip, knee and foot inline. A weak Glute Medius can result in knees collapsing inward, resulting in tendon injuries.

For the Glute Leg Lift, lay on your side, feet and knees touching, head resting on your arm, not your hand. Lean your shoulders and hips forward so they are 1/2 way to the ground. Twist your top leg so your toe is down, and heel is up, and move your foot backward, keeping the knee fully locked, so your top foot is behind your bottom foot. Now raise it about as high and you can go, drop it back down so the toe touches the ground.

Kevin has established strength goals for the Glute Leg Lift:

2 Rounds, 50x unbroken, reps each leg

High School Age – Leg Only
College Age – 5# ankle weight
Adult – 10# ankle weight

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