Just used your Air Assault Program to prepare my driver for the Air Assault Course

“Coach, good morning from Grafenwoehr Germany. Just read your latest article under the quiet professionals series. You have penned some great comments here that I constantly attempt to drum into our young Soldiers minds as they go about building their careers in the Army. I really appreciate what you have said regarding “putting your ladder up against the wrong wall”. Often I find that we have personnel heading in the wrong direction. Thanks for this article. I found it to be refreshing.

As a side bar, I also find your website a great tool. I just used your Air Assault program to prepare my driver for the Air Assault course here. He is doing great as we speak. He absolutely crushed the obstacle course. When I first met him a year ago he was struggling with the APFT. I used your PT improvement plan and he now comfortably passes the test. Thanks for what you have created here. I am indeed a fan.”

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I crushed it only because your programming was spot on

Hey brother. Just read your essay- “stuff I wish I’d learned”. So good man. Really hit home. Thanks for all that you do and have done for the tactical community. I have used your programming on and off over the years and have been a huge fan of your programming, thoughtfulness, and openness to learn and grow. I followed your training prep for a selection course I attended a few years back and I crushed it— only because your programming was spot on and you got me in the right shape at the right time when I did it.

Just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for what you do, have done, and continue to do from a community of athletes who mostly  lurk in the shadows. Your work, dedication and thoughtfulness has made us better at our jobs and, more importantly, better humans.

You are much appreciated. I hope to get out to Jackson one of these years and thank you in person.

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Thank you for the ‘Little Boy’ essay

Coach Rob – Thank you for the ‘Little Boy’ essay.  Many of your observations have been echoed in my own life. Your question as to why men don’t form close relationships after college has been explored in depth on the blog Art of Manliness.  Highly recommended reading.  One example: You searched for friends | The Art of Manliness.

Like yourself, I too became Dad v2.0 later in life.  My #4 daughter was born when I was 55; I’m 62 now.  I also have children aged 34, 30, and 25.  You are 100% correct in saying that children keep you young.  The MTI SF60 program has helped immeasurably in that regard, in that the programmed movements have helped me be much more functional with her, without getting quite as banged up, be it down on the carpet for pretend jiu jitsu, or piggybacking her 50 pounds for 3 miles on Yosemite trails, or sprinting her around the park for 30 minutes.  Being an active dad is a physical and tactical undertaking.

Thank you for your essays.  I always get a lot out of them and I appreciate your thoughtful transparency.  The essays encourage me to reflect and think.  I have the “Quiet Professional” essay bookmarked on my shortcuts bar and I often read bits and pieces from it.

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Great personal insight, useful to share with junior officers

Just in case you ever wonder who you are writing to, I wanted to reach out and say I have really appreciated your articles on the Quiet Professional over the years. They have provided great personal insight and have also been useful to share with junior officers I have mentored (I am a Coast Guard H65 pilot).  Anyway, thanks again for these articles and never underestimate how many people you may be mentoring from afar with your great work 🙂

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I hope many read and take in what you have written

“I have greatly enjoyed your QUIET PROFESSIONALISM writing. I am now working as a consultant in LE working on tracking down runaways and human trafficking. I hope many read and take in what you have written. We live in a dynamic and turbulent time.  Men and women of professional fiber are needed.  You have done yeoman service in describing your journey to QP.  Well done.”

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