As a scientist by training I definitely appreciate the studies you do to hone your offerings as well. Thank you for the awesome programming, keep it up!
I wanted to extend my thanks for the excellent programming. I stumbled upon MTI when I was in between training objectives once and found a regimen in a blog post with renegade man makers, tried it, and was pleased at how challenging it was. Shortly after that, my husband and I were gearing up to do a single day winter Presidential traverse in the White Mountains and I used the Artemis training plan followed by the Grand Teton traverse plan to prepare as I hadn’t done any long hiking like that before, let alone in winter. I felt like I was really well prepared and was hooked.
Later, a buddy of mine was talking about the Spartan ultra OCR at Killington and how ridiculously challenging it was. I signed up for it, never having completed any race longer than a 10k or obstacle course anythings in my life. I worked through the medium, long, and ultra distance OCR training plans in succession and signed up for two tune up races before the Killington ultra. Although I missed the second to last cut off time, I completed somewhere around 24 miles of the ~30 mile course and was really happy with how I did given how green I was, despite the DNF. I learned a lot – this year I signed up for the 21k and incorporated a lot more elevation gain from the outset, and focused more on the rope climbing and grip strength that before I had brushed off a bit. That race went much better, but still taught me I have a lot of work to do with my pull up strength.
My primary sport in all of this is roller derby, though while I was doing most of these events it was on hiatus for covid. When it came back in full swing I was taken aback by how winded I was when I was jamming (the point scoring position). I combed through the plans and the work capacity improvement looked liked exactly what I needed, so I completed that plan and was very pleased with the results.
All of this is to say that I’ve been able to find training plans for just about everything I want to do, and they’ve helped me succeed at my goals. You better believe that when others ask about training plans for mountain objectives or cross training for derby, I send them every time to MTI and share my success stories with them.  As a scientist by training I definitely appreciate the studies you do to hone your offerings as well. Thank you for the awesome programming, keep it up!
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Your Programming is changing our school!

Wanted to shoot you an email- I’m sure you get testimonials all the time but I wanted you to know that your programming has really changed our school community in a way no one expected. I’ve used your programming since November training for a Rainier climb, so I know it works. I teach high school at a small charter school in Denver. For perspective, we have 21 kids in our entire senior class. It’s a unique community- we have a lot of kids from lower income and English as a second language families, and even a large number of Sped kids who before now have never regularly exercised. We’ve had a hard time getting an athletic community off the ground- we had 9 kids in all of middle and high school run cross country and our basketball team was 7 kids. After basketball ended, I started a Strength and Conditioning club to try and get athletes ready for next year but even to get kids to workout together and try and build a sense of community. We’ve been doing the push up/pullup improvement plan and the single dumbbell/kettlebell training plan. We’ve regularly had over 20 kids at strength and conditioning every day. On top of that, we’ve had a large turnout of female students. Historically, a lot of girls at our school have had some sort of eating disorder. They now regularly talk about how much they are having to eat to stay fueled up for our workouts and are jazzed at how much stronger they’re getting. Your business and programing has changed our school in a really cool way. The athletics department at Two Roads Charter School wanted to say thanks.

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No one addresses fitness like MTI

I’m a professional in the fitness industry and I really appreciate what you and your staff are doing at MTI. I spend a lot of time programming classes and training sessions for my own clients that I don’t spend enough time programming for myself. But, like you, I like being a lab rat for others programs. I’ve done many online workout programs (both to learn new styles of programming and become familiar with new exercises) I’ve done programming from GYM JONES to Crossfit to Gymnastics Bodies and many in between, however none of them have addressed the combination of Strength, Conditioning and Mobility as well as MTI has.

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“4 Weeks on Keto” and “MTI Diet Guideline”

I recently re-read your “4 Weeks on Keto” and “MTI Diet Guideline” articles. For some historical context, I am 38, and a medically retired Army officer. When I was younger, I attended the Military Athlete course at Fort Bragg, and used so many of your programs I lost count. You have gotten me through Ranger School, Air Assault, helped me play rugby, and helped me to stay “strong, swift, durable”. For the last several years, I have been mountain biking 3-4 days a week, and snowboarding in the winter. MTB wise, I spend most of my time in the bike park, or training for Enduro. I finally achieved that work-life balance I dreamt of.

On November 21, I had surgery on my foot, from a small break. I have spent the last two months obsessing over what I eat, fearing gaining a pound or two as I recover, to the point of causing some unhealthy levels of anxiety and added stress. After reading your articles (again), I realized the answer to my problems. I can eat a lot more of what I want (eggs, avocados, etc), and can lay off the special diet “fill you up so you don’t eat” crap I have been downing, in an attempt to stay lean (5’9, 155lbs). I know it may sound trivial, but I am looking forward to lunch for the first time in almost two months, knowing it isn’t going to be another death-by-shake meal.

Sorry for the rant. I have always been a huge fan of your work, since the program came out years ago. I am just starting the bodyweight core program, and mentally, it’s a huge boost. Two months of recovery down, four to go. Here’s to getting back on the bike, and continued training.

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USAF First Sergeant’s course
My wife used your programming for her flight at her USAF First Sergeant’s course. Your stuff works. She and her team won Fit Flight.
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MTI has changed my life

First…at some point, I will write a more full testimonial, but I can put it simply…MTI has changed my life. Prior to discovering MTI I was undisciplined, out of shape, and let the “challenge” of getting physically fit dissuade me from pursuing what I really want to do (Federal LE). After finding MTI, it eliminated so many excuses because the programming is so simple. Difficult, but simple. Sure, new exercises I wasn’t familiar with and had to learn…the resources are there though. Everything is so clearly laid out it completely eliminates all excuses and really helps to enable discipline because you know exactly what you need to do each day and it’s just up to you to do it. I’m sure I’m not the first person to provide feedback like this because it seems so obvious and yet, for whatever reason, the fitness industry seems intent on going the opposite direction and making things complicated and exclusive. I think a lot of people are with me in saying, “just tell me what I need to do today to get to where I want to be.” And your programming answers that, whatever someone’s fitness goals are. Thank you for showing me I can actually pursue my career goals and fitness isn’t the barrier.

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I’m inspired by you

Good afternoon and thanks for your note. First, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. I’m one customer, one of probably thousands. I’ve reached out to you personally a couple times and without fails, you’ve responded. That alone is the most amazing customer service. Your team is excellent as well and I’ve appreciated learning and developing through your program. Second, I’m inspired by you, reading your very personal stories and other great materials in the online newsletter, just terrific insights. You help me be a better person.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to you once again. You’re unique and inspiring. I appreciate all of your help. Please feel free to contact me back. Thanks.

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Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing

I’ve been very satisfied with the program.  I’m a 33 year old police detective who spent his 20’s not engaging in much physical activity at all.  I decided over the last couple years I needed to make some changes and have been working toward getting back into shape.  I also decided to try to join the regional SWAT team which services several towns in my area.  The most challenging portion of the physical test for me was the 1.5 mile run, which is the program I chose.  The test is coming up soon and no matter the outcome, your program helped me make significant gains in a variety of areas, from strength to endurance.  I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be physically but this has been a great first step.  I have already been looking at some of the other programs you offer.  Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing.

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The workouts are going great!

The workouts are going great!

Overall – Your workout plans are varied and interesting enough to keep me engaged and thinking, repetitive enough within each set so that I don’t have to focus too hard on what I’m doing. I have been focusing on the general section of the subscription, and I have found that they are hard enough that I can get them done and know that the hardest part of my day is behind me by 7 am.

The program does seem to be working. I feel like I am getting stronger, and am getting a ton of comments out of my wife about body shape, size, and leanness.

The training session flow is not confusing. I am following it pretty well. I can say that it does take a little bit of thinking to get the progressions down when I start each set, but after one round, I have it down and can just plow through the exercises in that set. I really love that aspect of the training plans.

Accessing the program is super easy. I look at it on my phone and on my computer when trying to learn  what I’m going to be doing. I’m the type that plans my workout out before going to the gym, so I watch all the videos, and I write everything down on a small 3×5 card so that it’s easy to see, color coded, and compact. I don’t like having to constantly look at my phone for instructions, but that’s just me. When I do get a little lost (i.e. unsure of number of reps), I can pull up the app and review the plan without hardly any time lost, so I’d say it works really well for access.

The videos are HUGE!!! I found a handful of exercises that were completely foreign to me only to find the videos easy to find and easy to follow. There are some instances where the links aren’t directly in the weekly programming, but you have a ton of stuff out there, so it would be insane to expect you to have the link at each place I want it. When the link isn’t there, searching for the exercise is pretty damned easy, so I have zero complaints here. Wait, except one. Your Alligator Pushups don’t denote whether each individual pushup is one rep, or one pushup per hand being forward (i.e. 2 pushups) counts as a rep. Given the way that you calculate some reps in the most painful and growth full way possible, I’ve been doing the latter (2 pushups as a rep). That’s the only thing I have ever found lacking in the videos thus far.

IN addition, I love the emails with the mini studies, essays, and all the information, including the Arete. I love having a source of health and life information independent of CNN and all the other crappy news outlets. Men’s Health is intriguing, and does hit the nail at times, but man, some of that crap is just fluff. So, I really love all that extra stuff. And the clean eating, I still drive my family nuts with it, but my wife really enjoys it when it counts.

All in all, great programming, and it is really working for me. Thanks for setting all of this programming up and sharing it. It’s huge for old nerds like me that realized fitness needed to be a core part of life later than optimal.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions about what I’ve said above.

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Love the programming, I just recently completed one of the “Busy Dad” programs

Love the programming, I just recently completed one of the “Busy Dad” programs and it was excellent. After leaving Active Duty last year, I struggled to maintain my fitness and suffered through a lot of back pain. Your program helped me get out of the slump, rebuild my core, and return to healthy habits like training 5x a week.

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