Your programs have been just awesome


“First and foremost I believe the program is working. I’m currently deployed right now with the Army National Guard and a cop back home. I feel like this program (Operator Hector) has gotten me into the shape I need to be in to continue to be successful here and back at home. Prior to finding your workout programs, I developed one for myself. It was good, I was able to stay in pretty good shape but it was starting to get old and harder to find new things to integrate. Your programs have been just awesome. The workup and building up to the next program has been reasonable. There haven’t been a lot of workouts I haven’t felt like I could complete. For me the only improvement I could see is maybe in the military on-ramp program you could have introductions to the Olympic lifts. Prior to your programs I only had experience with back/front squats and RDL’s. It took a minute to grasp the power cleans. Most importantly the proper form. For that reason there were times were I couldn’t meet the suggested weight for the lifts. The Greek hero program can be pretty long and luckily I have time over here to be at the gym for 2 hours. At home, I won’t have that luxury so I bought the busy operator programs which I’m really excited to try.”