Your programming really is the shit


„I will be working through Valor before then doing the USAF PFT programming (this suits Australian Army BFA training) before taking a test in March.  Not too sure after that but I’m thinking a gym based work-capacity program would be ideal.

I’ve gone from a complete functional fitness beginner to nearing your strength standards and nearing my own endurance goals (12km in 60 minutes) in only 10 months.  I cannot wait to see where I’ll be at in another 10 months.

Your programming really is the shit.  Quite often when looking at the next days programming it looks easy.  Then you start the workout and the lightbulb soon goes off that Rob Shaul won’t let you off that easily.  What I like the most about your stuff is that it is programmed, progressed and it works.  I trust it.  I don’t waste emotional energy worrying if the work I’m doing is what I really should be doing.  It’s not “working out” it’s “training” and that’s also one of the things that keeps the motivation so high. Keep up the good work.“