Your LE/ Fire Rescue Advanced Programming Course is, By Far, the Best Job Specific Fitness Training I’ve Ever Seen.

Thanks for sharing the Fire/Rescue Fitness Assessment Training Plan with me.  I did the assessment last week and I really liked it.  I felt that the assessment was a very accurate assessment of fire ground work load.  I started the workouts yesterday and I was surprised at how well I moved through it.  Having struggled through some of your other workouts I was surprised how much recovery time was available in each round.  My initial thought is that this workout will be very achievable for any firefighter in my community.  I look forward to today’s work, I’ll keep it brief. I’ve been in the fire service for 22 years. I’ve always focused on fitness and I’ve been training professionals in my field for over a decade. Your LE/ Fire Rescue Advanced Programming Course is, by far, the best job specific fitness training I’ve ever seen. I found your approach to tactical athletic performance to to be practical, realistic and easy to follow. I am very excited to be on the ground floor of this phase in your work and I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned in my own department.