Your friendly neighborhood Blackhawk pilot

“Hey guys and gals, I have recently seen a lot of haters commenting on your posts and workouts and kind of wanted to help out but also wanted to write a thank you for a while.  I’d like to thank you guys for what you do and prove those haters wrong by telling you how helpful you actually are.  From a military perspective all you do is great.  I read most of the overviews of all your workouts almost like it’s a book.  End state for all them is functionality which I believe is almost more important than drinking water.  I have taken part in and completed a few of your workouts.  Taking part meaning life got in the way of completing.  I have done BIG 24, RAT 6, APFT (about 4 times), Valor, been a part of you operator sessions a few times, and probably a few more but those are off the top of my head. I have also followed Crossfit a few years and have completed about a years worth of sealift workouts.  My biggest reason for continuing to follow you guys is the need to not think “what’s my workout today?”.  I have gained enough trust in your will to serve the best workouts from the best research that you do.  I have been in the military 11 years now, from combat arms going through some schools, taking many APFTs, and to now being a pilot with a family and little to no time to think about what my workouts are going to be.  Please continue to do what you do.  I still look for the questions/kudos posts you guys do, I hope you are getting them.  Wish I could send a picture of my dirty, overused military athlete hat that has been through the majority of my workouts.  God Bless.” V/R      –  Your friendly neighborhood Blackhawk pilot