Your ability to recognize the burden of constant fitness is much appreciated


Wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all you do for our community. I’ve been following your stuff off and on since 2010 and in my humble opinion it is the best stuff out there as far as special operations physical training goes. A couple of reflections I wanted to share with you and your team to let you know we appreciate what you do.

One of the things I love most about your training is the stoic, quiet professional, blue collar way you and the lab rats go about your business. I love the photos. Things I notice as a professional: No shirtless poster boy show boats with cool, high socks or head bands with their Fran time plastered on it. When I came back into the fold this past time to your programming, it involved me parting ways with my old Crossfit gym on less than great terms. All over a damn double under. The conversation went something like this, coach: “You know you are really going to have to concentrate on some of the Crossfit skills like the Double Under if you ever want to graduate to being an elite level athlete.” My reply to the walking advertisement of a coach covered in Crossfit merchandised flair, “I have never done a Double Under in a tactical situation, not once…….When is the last time you did a 10K offset with 100 LBS of gear on your back, with no sleep, and less than ideal food?” My point is this, I firmly believe you deliver on your advertisement of tailored operator sport specific training. And you do it in a humble, workman-like way. No flash, no flair, just ordinary guys training in extraordinary ways and doing extraordinary things.

Your ability to recognize the burden of constant fitness is much appreciated. You acknowledge that the guys using your training are usually working extremely hard on the other finer points of killing. I don’t have time to get 12 hours of sleep a night, eat strict paleo zone 100% of the time, or get 3 WODs in a day. There are weeks where this job in and of itself is PT and a break is needed. The key is peaking at the right time for the right events and your specific trainups allow guys to do that while maintaining their base using your operator sessions.

You and the lab rats’ humble honesty is much appreciated. You put yourselves out there, post your times, stats and numbers, and reflect on the pains and pleasures of training. For type A personalities, striving to beat the experts is always an incentive and you post the numbers for guys to gauge where they are and it serves as a means of shared hardship over digital means. We appreciate it.

Really loving the new endurance cycles. As a meat head ex football player, the gym has always been my first love. Endurance is something I needed to work on and you have made me do it. I am anxious to see how it will transition to the strength and work capacity efforts and anticipate it helping both while still improving endurance over the long term.

I’ve went too long already, thanks again Coach.