You knocked this thing out of the park.


Just wanted to provide some feedback on this entire program. I started back in February from square 1. You knocked this thing out of the park. It is hell. Complete hell, but I am 2 weeks out from my hunt and have never felt more in shape and confident in my abilities. Week 6 (last week) of the final phase I hit a wall that took some serious mental fortitude to break thru but once I started this weeks training I felt so much stronger, I made it “over the hump.” I live in Texas so training to hunt the mountains of Colorado at 10-11k ft can be difficult so the step ups will prove invaluable (even though I despise them by this point).  I will definitely send you another email after my hunt to follow up on game time performance but I have no doubt in my mind that I am ready to go and that confidence going into it feels really good. Love y’alls programming!