You gentleman have a good day and keep up the good work


Just wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on your UBRR prep.

First test scores:

Age 30 BW 220

Bench 175 20

Pushups 53

Situps 40

Pullups 17

Dips 27

Rope pass

Kipp up 10 (grip)

4×25m sprint 21sec

5mile ruck 62min

Score 1,215


Finale score:

Age 30 BW 222

Bench 225 25

Pushup 63

Situps 43

Pullups 22

Dips 33

Rope pass

Kipp up 13

4x25m 18sec

5min ruck 55 min easy (very hot 90°)

Score 1,408

I made some modifications (dread of any program author.) I increased the bench to BW in training and in testing (225.) Also dropped the shuttle sprint training to 50m or 2x25m I found that I was pacing myself with the full 100m and that my time decreased in my second test (week 3) by going shorter I stayed very explosive and pushed harder. I feel it helped.

Limiting factor of my situps was speed of movement I can do high 70’s in 2min. I tried moving fast in training but little change on test day. Grip was my limiting factor on the Kipp ups I started incorporating dead hangs for 10sec after my work sets during the rounds, but only for the last two weeks of the program. I feel if I had done this early it may have helped much more.

The ruck was easy and I paced do to the temperature. Body felt fine and I recovered well from day to day. Obviously I made improvements overall to my score. You gentleman have a good day and keep up the good work.”