We were on an operation when one of our two MH-47’s went down

As I told you before, I am with a Marine Special Operations Team. We were on an operation when one of our two MH-47’s went down. The 47 I was on went back in, and we started carrying guys to the medevac bird. My workout buddy, who is my corpsman, started working on guys and I started getting guys to the bird that was about 400 meters away. Soon we were both working together. Today we were talking about how we were in MUCH better shape then everyone else. Guys would be taking breaks and we would be standing there waiting for them. One guy looked at us and asked if we were smoked too, we both said no. We both know that it is because of your workout program, and we both want to thank you.

A little back story, the bird went down on exfil. We had finished clearing a bazaar, I had breached close to one hundred doors and I was totally fucking smoked. I had carried my kit, weapon, breaches, backpack, a shotgun, and moved over two kilometers for over five hours. Then after we exfiled the other bird went down, so we went back in and worked the medevac. Then after that we stayed on scene until the fire burned itself out, then got the bodies out and brought them home. We both feel that we would not have performed at the level we did if this had happened before we started your program. So we both thank you very much for the work you have done, and I look forward to being smoked by your workouts for a long time to come. Thanks again coach.