We now have 2(!) Ranger-qualified soldiers with your help


“I just spoke with a soldier that completed the v3 training and recently graduated Ranger school. He is in the process of mobilizing so I wanted to share what he told me in regards to the program:

The rucking was paramount to the training. He went straight-through and he mentioned that he didn’t start to fall off until the beginning of the Florida FTX. While in school, you’ll notice Ranger students have to get on the ground and strap up the ruck in order to even get the ruck on. His strength wasn’t sapped, so he was able to pick the ruck off the ground and get up get ready to move. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re the last one up before a movement or slower than everyone else, it does get noticed and will affect your peer ratings. The less tired you are, the more you can contribute. HUGE FACTOR!

He added mountain climbers to the work capacity based off of what I told him. Before you move into Darby, you do these in these in gravel in the company training areas. It is absolute murder on your hands.

You also do something called “Y Squats”. They are a smoker but he said it wasn’t an issue because of your programming.

Last thing he mentioned was how most of his squad asked him how he prepared, and mentioned the programming from your team. They all went off of the RTB’s programming which got them through Darby and then most of them were sucking starting out in Mountains. He definitely believed that your programming is what got him through the school in a first time go.

So, thank you so much for everything Rob. He’s a stud but that will only get you so far. We now have 2(!) Ranger-qualified soldiers with your help.”