To say the plan had me dialed for my Mt. Rainier climb would be the understatement of the year

To say the plan progression you suggested (Helen, Frank Church, Rainier) had me dialed for my Mt. Rainier climb would be the understatement of the year. Before I get to that: As I mentioned in a much earlier email, we spent six days on the mountain – four in glacier rescue/skills training, two focused on the summit objective. Because of the duration we began with pretty heavy (but not soul crushing) loads of around 60 pounds, working them down to 50 or so by day four at Muir. Our route took us around the southeast side of the mountain, over the Williwakas Glacier, and up the Paradise to Little Africa (amazing). From there we climbed the middle Cowlitz before crossing over to the snowfield above Anvil Rock. We then commenced our summit bid from Muir. To begin, my breathing was never labored; and frankly I was astonished. My heart rate was nice and steady. No burning anywhere in my body. The feeling was absolutely surreal. I was present, happy and having a damn good time. What’s more, I felt rock solid moving back down off the summit. All in all I felt fantastic, and was really only sore in my quads for a day and a half or so after the climb. Overall your programming and suggested progression were five-star, A++, 10 out of 10. So I owe you and your team a huge THANK YOU! Although you’re remote and work with hundreds of clients, I felt like you were part of my team, and the result speaks for itself. (I knew in my heart, and our lead guide actually verbalized to me after the climb, that I had a couple thousand feet left in me.) Please do feel free to share this testimonial as you see fit. The key for me is that you delivered on your promise that, if I followed the training AS PRESCRIBED, I would truly enjoy the climb, and not merely slog and suffer my way through it. Moving up that mountain was an absolute blast!