The difference between not finishing and not just surviving but thriving in some very harsh environments.


“I have been using your Back Pack Preseason programming to train for an Alpine Group Trek, titled Extremus put on by a group called the Endurance Society.

This trek has been attempted in a few different variations over the last 5 years (4 attempts with 1 year looking for a new venue in the middle) and up until this year had never been completed. I’m happy to report that this year a large contingent of our group was able to finish this event, which was a traverse of the Great Range in the Adirondacks. 25 or so miles, over 21.5 hours, 11 summits and, as I’m sure you can imagine, some incredible memories and views.

I have to thank you for the programming that you have put out, Rob. I whole-heartedly believe that it is what made the difference between not finishing and not just surviving but thriving in some very harsh environments. In the face of lots of adversity such as gear failures, going black on water multiple times and complex logistical challenges I was able to keep a smile on my face and just keep on rolling. Attached are a couple pics from the trek, hope you enjoy them.

I do have a two questions for you regarding programming going forward:

1. Are there any adaptations you would suggest for taking on a wider stance for snowshoeing purposes in the mountains? I had some minor cramping in my hip flexors, so I was curious if there were any things you might suggest for strengthening and lengthening there, in addition to what is already in the programming.

2. I’m feeling fantastic a couple of days out from the event but I was curious what you would suggest as far as a de-load schedule before taking on a new program. I’m currently training for a half marathon (road) that takes place on March 17. I had added speed work and added some distance to the running in the program during the 6 weeks training and will continue that but I would also like to choose another goal and get back to MTI programming as soon as possible. The core work is fantastic and working on my Mountain Chassis is something I am very committed to after experience the fruits of following the Back Pack Pre-Season program.

Also, it’s definitely worth mentioning that lots of folks I have been talking to are interested in your programming and I’m hopeful that some of them will be signing up for a membership or picking up a plan. The info you are putting out is great and these ladies and gents would certainly benefit from it.”