That Transition from 60lb Sandbag Get-ups to 80lbs was a B**ch

I just completed Jaguar, the first plan in the Big Cat series. Just wanted to share my results with you and anyone who might be interested in purchasing the packet.

*About 182lbs Bodyweight*

3RM Front Squat:  255 –> 285
3RM Barbel Walking Lunge:  185 –> 225
3RM Push Press:  195 –> 200

10 MIN Sandbag Clean and Step-Over:  64 reps
9 MIN Sandbag Clean and Step-Over:  68 reps
8 MIN Sandbag Clean and Step-Over:  72 reps

Program Comments:

-I was training six days a week on this program. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat was the Jaguar plan. Tuesdays and Thursdays I had group PT with 5 other officers I work with. Tuesdays were track days, 400m and 800m repeats. Thursdays were some type of upper body, bodyweight circuit.

-The additional PT did not generally interfere with the Jaguar programming, however, that will probably vary with each athlete depending on fitness level. There were a couple days I felt beat up, but overall it wasn’t a problem. Might have been able to see a bigger increase in my 3RM Push Press without the extra upper body work, but a 5lb PR is still a PR. I’ll take it.

-I think you’ve mentioned this in your videos a couple times, but that transition from 60lb sandbag get-ups to 80lbs was a b**ch. The 60lb isn’t too bad, but for some reason the 80 just feels like a small elephant sitting on your shoulders haha.

-There is definitely a hardening effect from this training. Throwing sandbags and doing farmers carries just naturally has that effect. My mid-section feels like a brick wall. It’s great.

I will likely take a de-load week, then start up Leopard. Thanks for all the great stuff Rob!