Thanks for all the programming

I recently finished up the Big 24 Strength Plan and it was dead on. I made substatial gains in all the lifts involved, and the weighted calistenics always challenged me. I doubled up the Big 24 with the Core Strength 1 plan and the two really seemed to work well with each other. I have done the Core Strength plan twice now and have always enjoyed it. Each time I complete it, I can definitely feel the strength carry over to everything else that I do.
I am currently heading into the second week of the 369 plan, and I’m finding it to be a real smoker. Its reminded me how much my work capacity has taken a hit in the last few months. Its turning out to be exactly what I need. I would also like to state, that the transition from Big 24 into 369 has been very smooth. The two programs are terrific complements to each other.

Thanks for all the programming and always answering my questions,