Thanks for a great program!


“I just wanted to give you guys so more kudos. I am a female Army Officer and I consistently score in the 280s on my PT test. I have never NOT maxed my push ups and setups, its always the run that gets me. Anyway I am REALLY busy and I needed a run program that wasn’t going to keep me tied down too long during the day. So I took a PT test 6 months ago and ran a 18:25 on the 2 miles. I signed up for your Running Improvement Program and was able to do about 50% of the workouts each week. The first two weeks I did all of the workouts but then my schedule got crazy and I only ended up doing the intervals and the 3-4 mile runs each week. I worked through the first 6 weeks and just took my PT test after doing the program and dropped my 2 mile time to 17:04. So even only doing 50% of the program each week I was still able to greatly improve my time. I have to admit though during my intervals I worked to be as far under the range time that I could. So if my recommended 800m time was 4:08 to 4:25 I was pushing harder in that a majority of my interval times ranged from 3:33 (fastest) to 3:50. Thanks for a great program! Maybe if I get time to follow it as prescribed I will see even bigger improvements!”