Thanks again for your awesome workouts!


Just wanted to say how great your operator workouts are. We are
currently deployed to Eastern Afghanistan been here since beginning of

I had always been a fan of your workouts squad PT, SFAS ruck
program and the pre Afghan workout. I started the operator sessions once
we got in country, guys were looking at me weird I guess because I
wasn’t doing the “normal” gym/body building workouts.

But now I have 4 guys training with me at 5am 5 days a week. They curse at me every
workout but I try and remind them that it’s a guy named Rob Shaul who
comes up with these insane workouts not me. But in the end they love it,
they also see the results and benefits from the workouts.

To give you an example we were taking motor rounds to our COP, then over the radio they
called out for the medics because some guy had gone down and was in
another bunker across the cop so me and another medic took off

I had my full kit on and the other medic didn’t and I probably weigh about 30lbs more than him needless to say I left him in the dust and got to the casualty first and began assessing. By the time the other medic got there he was about to pass out and hyperventilating.

Oh and did I mention that in that same mornings workout had us doing
jingle jangles with our body armor?

I believe in your workouts and it’s benefit in helping us not only become better military athletes but to also help us to save lives. Here is a photo from the morning workout.

Thanks again for your awesome workouts!