Thank you for the plan, it is perfect


“I completed a GORUCK Tough event after completing your GORUCK Challenge plan and the plan certainly did it’s job.  Firstly, the rucking was never an issue and my core never felt fatigued.  The sandbag get-ups and low back complex forged a tough chassis that never failed me.  Secondly, the Monday and Wednesday strength and work capacity session did there job, no single “smoker” during the event put me out for more than a minute or two and even on hour ten my recovery was quick.  Finally, the Saturday mini events were also spot on, after the final and longest of them all I knew exactly what to expect for the event.During the whole GORUCK I felt like I had energy on reserve, enough so that I felt that my individual performance exceeded my expectations but I was also able to continuously contribute to the team and motivate individuals when things got tough. Thank you for the plan, it is perfect.”