Thank you for the ‘Little Boy’ essay

Coach Rob – Thank you for the ‘Little Boy’ essay.  Many of your observations have been echoed in my own life. Your question as to why men don’t form close relationships after college has been explored in depth on the blog Art of Manliness.  Highly recommended reading.  One example: You searched for friends | The Art of Manliness.

Like yourself, I too became Dad v2.0 later in life.  My #4 daughter was born when I was 55; I’m 62 now.  I also have children aged 34, 30, and 25.  You are 100% correct in saying that children keep you young.  The MTI SF60 program has helped immeasurably in that regard, in that the programmed movements have helped me be much more functional with her, without getting quite as banged up, be it down on the carpet for pretend jiu jitsu, or piggybacking her 50 pounds for 3 miles on Yosemite trails, or sprinting her around the park for 30 minutes.  Being an active dad is a physical and tactical undertaking.

Thank you for your essays.  I always get a lot out of them and I appreciate your thoughtful transparency.  The essays encourage me to reflect and think.  I have the “Quiet Professional” essay bookmarked on my shortcuts bar and I often read bits and pieces from it.