Thank you for helping me come back stronger then I was before

I’ve been climbing the past 4 days, really the first time in 5 months since I’ve sport climbed (since the injury).  Yesterday I was feeling a lot better, mentally and physically, every 5.10a I got on I climbed clean. There was this 5.11a  route that I tried it a few times this spring and couldn’t get it, went back a few weekends later tried it again and still couldn’t get it clean. I hopped on it yesterday thinking that I would probably struggle up it and I did it clean the first try, no falls, no takes! 5 months without climbing and I climb a 5.11a, everyone said “oh you’ll come back stronger” and I thought it was bullshit. I want to thank you, Matt, and Jordan for having the patience to let me come in and train with my injury and helping me come back stronger then I was before. Thanks again.