Started Body Wt Foundation late summer/early fall last year

1.  started Body Wt Foundation late summer/early fall last year.  As I said before the leg work really loaded my legs making running difficult.  However, I did get in better shape and as usually happens when I get in better shape I started running more which for me is a good, happy thing.

2.  Then I started dryland ski training in November.   Intense as you said.  After 1st week my lower calf muscles were too sore to run or do the jumping exercises.   I rested them for about a week and got back to running and then I just started the jumping lunges without weight again.   I continued without weight and was fine.

3.  I spent 2+ weeks at JH and Grand Targhee and felt really really good.  Going pretty hard with my teenage son so I feel like I was well prepared.  Thank you!

4.  Conclusion….I turn 61 tomorrow…  I should have eased into the dryland and started without weight on the jumping stuff.  My body response reminded me of starting speed work after building base of steady running when my lower calves would get really sore but of course when I was 20 it was just soreness, not debilitating.

5.  I did hurt my shoulder skiing but I didn’t miss a day.  I finally had it Xrayed last week and I actually cracked humerus right below the head.  So working around that now.  Hurts most when sleeping which seems weird.

So old dudes should maybe take it extra easy to start….Other old dudes are likely starting from a better place so of course it’s going to vary depending on condition.