Really looking forward to the ruck run tomorrow morning!


“I’m an engineering student here at the University of Arkansas. I was just wanting to tell you that I just finished the Humility program last week and saw great success in it. I lost about 12 pounds in the process and I’m able to run more now than I ever have in my life. I’ve always been a big advocate for more body building style workouts but I decided to switch it up and try out your program. I have been nothing but thrilled. Everyday I get to wake up early and go get after it I am grateful for. This week I started sample training for the Fortitude program as it was listed as a good successor to the Humility program. I am really excited about starting this plan because I love the tactical/functional aspect to it, especially since I do a lot of hiking and backpacking around in this area. Really looking forward to the ruck run tomorrow morning! But being a college student, the price of the program is of some concern for me as I am on a pretty tight budget. I was just wondering If you could allow me to use some sort of discount code for this program, so that I can continue to partake in the program. I would really appreciate it. I am extremely grateful that I found you all, as I find myself enjoying every day I get to do these awesome workouts. Keep up the great work!”